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The Hungarian version of the goulash soup replaced the Asian type the soldiers ate before.

According to 24, Steve1989MREInfo, a YouTube channel, is among the best content makers on the website. It has 1.5 million followers and tries military supply packs even if they are 30-40 years old, but they even presented a package sent on the front in 1942. Here is a video about what they experienced:

MRE means Meal, Ready to Eat. Those serving in the military get mostly such packages to eat nutritious food quickly. Of course, they are used during missions since on such occasions, soldiers cannot eat in the canteens run by the military. The menus served in such packages are interesting because their only purpose is to provide the needed quantity of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. However, those who make it try to upgrade them and

give a gastronomic experience for the soldiers who serve under enormous pressure while they are on a mission.

The YouTube channel presents such survive packs, and not only American ones but also Turkish, British, Norwegian, Slovenian, and Chinese kits. What is interesting for a Hungarian is the 2019 MRE pack in which the main course is Hungarian beef goulash.

The channel added that between 2012 and 2018, there was an Asian version of the goulash in the pack (probably Thai or Vietnamese), which

was replaced by the Hungarian type last year.

Of course, it is not perfectly the same as it would be in a Hungarian kitchen, but it is very similar. The ingredients are green pepper, onions, tomato, carrots, and a little spinach. The side dish with which the goulash is mixed is brown rice, which is not typical in a Hungarian household. Otherwise, in the package, there is bread, apple sauce, cocoa, biscuits, jam, peanut butter, and a refreshing drink.

Though the food seems to be very heavy for an ordinary man, it should be taken into consideration that such packages are made for soldiers under extreme pressure, and they should endure the whole day with it.

Based on the video, American soldiers eat a lot of sugar and chocolate when they go on a mission. That is not only because such foods contain the energy they need but also because such meals remind them of home and family. Interestingly,

before, soldiers got a lot of cigarettes,

for example, a 24hour kit contained 3 packs of them.


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