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XI Volvo Cup: Hungary recover to beat Olympic silver medallists

XI Volvo Cup: Hungary recover to beat Olympic silver medallists

After a poor start which saw Hungary 6-1 down at the end of the first period, Tamás Märcz’s team staged a remarkable recovery to defeat Croatia 9-7, a victory which means the hosts finish 2nd in the Volvo Cup behind Montenegro.

XI. Volvo Cup, men’s international tournament, Tüske swimming pool, 3rd and final matchday


Hungary 9-7 Croatia (1–6, 2–1, 3–0, 3–0)

Tüske swimming pool, officials: Horváth R. (SVK), Obradovic (MNG)

Hungary: Decker A. – Bátori 2, Mezei, Vámos 2, Török B., Manhercz K. 1, Nagy Á. 1 Replacements: Zalánki, Jansik D., Tóth M. 1, Fülöp 1, Kovács P. 1. Head coach: Tamás Märcz

Croatia: Marcelic – Loncar 1, Zovic, Bukic, Sukno 3, Setka 1, Buljubasic 1. Csere: Bijac (kapus), Macan. K. Milakovic 1, M. Vrlic, Vukicevic, Krapic. Head coach: Ivica Tucak

Montenegro 18–3 Slovakia (5–1, 6–1, 3–0, 4–1)

Goalscorers: Murisics 5, Krijestoracs 3, Ukropina 3, D. Radovics 2, Ivovics 2, Drasko Brguljan, Pjesivacs, Banicsevics, SVK: Furman, Mitruch, Kolarik



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