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Years will pass until railway stations of Budapest will be renovated

Years will pass until railway stations of Budapest will be renovated

We have to wait at least 4-5 years until the biggest railway stations of Budapest will be rebuilt – states one of the leaders of MÁV Hungarian State Railways. He noted in Hír TV that even smaller suburban railway hubs will be renovated, but nobody knows when. In contrast, in Balatonfőkajár, a modern waiting hall and a platform were built from 80 million HUF (EUR 257,700).

Zugló railway station: collapsing roof, no toilet

The railway station in Zugló (Budapest) is used mostly by commuters. Thus, it is one of the busiest one in the capital. However,

the roof is collapsing;

the walls are covered with graffiti so it is clear that the station has not been renovated for decades.

There is a toilet, but only those who have a valid ticket can use it. In contrast, there are no restrooms in the Eastern Railway Station, only in the subway and we have to pay 160 HUF (EUR 0.5) to use it. Even though

the restroom there is dirty and smelly.

The Western Railway Station is an exception. We have to walk a lot to find the lavatory located in the subway and it can be used for 200 HUF. However, the air smells of antiseptic, the environment is clean, there are toilet paper and even soap. Of course, even this railway station needs reconstruction.

Still years to wait

“The project of renovation regarding the Eastern and Western Railway Station has already started. Its preparation phase contains the application process.” – said László Pál, strategic deputy director of MÁV. He added that they plan to release the call for applications regarding the two buildings next year. After that, the feasibility study will be completed which will be followed by the exact plans for reconstruction. According to him,

they can start the implementation around 2021-2022.

Though even big railway stations of Budapest have to wait years for renovation in Balatonfőkajár a modern waiting hall and platform were built from 80 million HUF (EUR 257,700).

“Our stations and other buildings need renovation – we all know that. In fact, Balatonfőkajár is a good example for joining together locally” – said Ilona Dávid, chairwoman, president and chief executive officer of MÁV.

Hir TV wanted to know more

about the planned renovations, but they only received a short letter. In fact, MÁV wrote them that they will rebuild 40 railway stations in the near future including Eastern and Western Railway stations. Government backs the project with 4 bn HUF (EUR 12.88M).


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