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Big Seven Travel compiled a list of the best burgers in the world, and the Hungarian Bamba Marha Burger Bar is 13th on it.

As we reported before, selected the Hungarian burger bar the fifth best in Europe a couple of months ago. In fact, London’s Burger and Beyond came in 1st place on the European list with Copenhagen and Prague following close behind. While the United Kingdom scored highly overall, mainland Europe also impressed on the burger front, with both Hungary and Sweden making the Top 10. In fact, two Hungarian burger bars made it to the Top 50: Tuning was the 42nd while Bamba Marha became 5th best.

budapest hamburger bamba marha
Bamba Marha in Budapest

Finalists were selected from the current member countries of the European Union, taking into consideration the following points:

  • Every country had at least one entry;
  • Some had more than one entry if the quality was high;
  • Votes were cast in a poll of Big 7 readers, across their community of 1.5 million on social media and by a panel of coffee experts;
  • Online reviews, previous media coverage and notable blogs were also included in the overall rating.

Now, the travel website compiled the global list of the best burger bars and included Bamba Marha as well, which is in the eminent 13th position as the only Hungarian burger bar on the list. In fact, it never happened before that a Hungarian burger bar acquired such a prestigious place in a world ranking – reported.

budapest hamburger bamba marha
You can taste Bamba Marha burgers in Budapest.

The world list was put together from the continental rankings and was being made for 5 months. Moreover, 50+ countries took part in the competition, and evaluation principles were the same as before: the magazine picked participants from every country, and the final rank was made together with their 1.5 million readers and some gastronomy experts. Furthermore, online reviews, previous media coverage and notable blogs were also included in the overall rating. wrote about Bamba Marha Burger Bar that it “goes big on the toppings and there’s lots of variety to be had on the menu. The portions are super generous and with fries, you will do well to finish the whole meal. Simply perfect.”

You can taste their burgers here:

  • Bamba #FERENCIEK: 1051 Budapest, Haris köz 2.
  • Bamba #OKTOGON: 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 46.
  • Bamba #BAZILIKA: 1051 Budapest, Október 6. utca 6.
  • Bamba #DEÁK: 1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc tér 3.

HERE, we wrote about 6 very good burger places in Budapest.

And below, you can check the final list:

50th. Burgers – Got Beef, Wales
49th. Heff’s Burgers – Abilene, Texas, USA
48th. L’Artisan du Burger – Dubai
47th. Franky’s Kitchen – Stockholm, Sweden
46th. Harry’s Bar & Burger – Providence, Rhode Island
45th. RocoMamas – Stoneridge Centre, Johannesburg
44th. Star Burger Хрещатик – Kiev, Ukraine
43rd. Burger Gourmet – Qatar
42nd. Submarine Burger – Zagreb, Croatia
41st. Capital Bar & Grill – Colombo, Sri Lanka
40th. Burgerlich- Hamburg, Germany
39th. Corner Burger Mt Eden – Auckland, New Zealand
38th. Taste Burger – Warszawa, Poland
37th. Ohana Lei’Pomo & Grille – Tampere, Finland
36th. Shoreditch Bar and Kitchen – St Julian’s, Malta
35th. Projekt Burger – Kranj, Slovenia
34th. Estonian Burger Factory – Tallinn, Estonia
33rd. The Burger Junction – Kerala, India
32nd. Burger Joys – Hong Kong
31st. Block Burger – Reykjavík, Iceland
30th. B, de Burger – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
29th. Broebbeleir – Brussels, Belgium
Joint 28th. 8oz Burger and Co. – Seattle, Washington, USA and Social Burgerjoint – Helsinki, Finland
27th. Sweet Ecstasy – Manila, Phillippines
26th. Golden Eagle Spur – Lagos, Nigeria
25th. Burger – Bread Meats Bread – Glasgow And Edinburgh
24th. Burger Bar – Netherlands
23rd. Three Buns – Jakarta, Indonesia
22nd. Electric Owl – LA
21st. Alden & Harlow – Boston, Massachusetts
20th. Burgermeister – Berlin, Germany
19th. Burger Joint. – Argentina
18th. Bunsen – Dubin, Ireland
17th. Wolf Burgers
16th. Almost Famous – Manchester, United Kingdom
15th. Clarke’s Bar & Dining Room – Cape Town
14th. Short Order Burger Co – Perth
13th. Bamba Marha Burger Bar – Budapest, Hungary
12th. Dish – Prague, Czech Republic
11th. The Company Burger – New Orleans, Louisiana
10th. Burger Burger – London, Ontario
9th. RoyAl’s Chicken and Burgers – Perth
8th. Gasoline Grill – Copenhagen, Denmark
7th. Sickies Garage Burgers – Fargo, North Dakota
6th. Five Boroughs – Wellington
5th. Lokal – Miami, Florida
4th. Burger And Beyond – London, United Kingdom
3rd. The Thurmanator – Thurman Cafe, Columbus
2nd. Bar Luca – Sydney
1st. Uniburger – Montreal, Quebec


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