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Budapest continues to be a great city for celebrity sightings, despite the pandemic. It is possible to run into these Hollywood stars in the next couple of days!

The shooting of Borderlands is up and running: Kevin Hart has already arrived in Hungary. The actor took photos with the Dutch giant Olivier Richters at a gym in Budapest, then flashed a picture with Jamie Lee Curtis and Ariana Greenblatt in our capital, among others. The latter photo, which has no placemark, also features Cate Blanchett.

Despite the pandemic, Budapest is full of world stars. As Index has previously written, two films are being shot in the capital currently: the Marvel production Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke, and a film adaptation of the Borderlands video game series. The youngest character, 13-year-old Ariana Greenblatt, was the first to share a picture on her Twitter page, and according to her Instagram she has arrived in Hungary on March 16. The young actress has since been joined by Jamie Lee Curtis, who is especially happy to shoot in Budapest because of her Hungarian ancestry.

It has been known for months that, in addition to the ones mentioned above, Cate Blanchett and Edgar Ramirez, among others, are featured in Borderlands. It seems that almost everyone has arrived by now, as Kevin Hart has posted a photo on his page that shows Cate Blanchett, Florian Munteanu and director Eli Roth in the company of Ariana Greenblatt and Jamie Lee Curtis, who are currently in Budapest.

Although Kevin Hart did not mark a location, fans have figured that out easily. HE appeared on a post on Olivier Richters’ Instagram, who will also appear in the upcoming work. The 218-centimetres tall bodybuilder-actor, known as “the Dutch giant”, has already shared many pictures on his Instagram page, and in one of them, he stands next to Kevin Hart, in a Budapest gym, people were able to distinguish by the sign.

He also revealed that he played through the Borderlands 2 video game in 2013, so he’s sure director Eli Roth will make gamers very happy with the film.

By the way, the Dutch giant is obviously very happy to be in Hungary. He landed in Budapest on April 13 and was surprised to find that his fans were already waiting at the airport to meet him.

My first real Hungarian fans!

He wrote to the picture he had taken after landing at the airport with two ladies rushing to him for an autograph.

He also noted that people often want to take photos with him, which he thinks is perfectly okay as it makes him happy to put a smile on the faces of others. Later, by the way, he also shot a joint picture with Jamie Lee Curtis, but the most touching is the photo taken on the Freedom Bridge in the company of a little girl.

Jamie Lee Curtis has also been in Budapest for a few days. The daughter of Hungarian-born Tony Curtis already commemorated her ancestors with an Instagram photo of a Hungarian flag, but now she posted a night picture of the Castle, most likely from her hotel room on the Danube.

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  1. Hollywood actors should never be glorified. If children want heroes, they should look to their fathers and mothers.

    Income from the movie industry is acceptable but also earned by talented Hungarian people.

  2. He was not born in Hungary, but his parents were Hungarian-Jewish.

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