How would you feel if you read an article that started like this: the Hungarian national football team participated in an international tournament in Barcelona, where they had to compete with Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland and the representatives of other well-known football nations…?

Well, believes that you might predict that it’s going to be another face-plant for the Hungarian squad. But the national team actually won the tournament after beating Germany by 2-0. However, the context is not the usual one…

The story is not about the senior national football team. The concerned tournament is the Sant Vicenç Cup, which is the international tournament of young football players, organised by the KOMMIT Association. The boys are listed is five age groups (U19, U17, U15, U13 and U11), while the girls have two age categories (U18 and U15).

Hungary was represented by the team of Future Stars.

The boys belong to the U14 category, but since this isn’t a listed category at the tournament, the boys had to compete against older opponents. Their victory is very precious, because they won the acknowledgement of international experts.


What could be their secret? First and foremost, they are very talented and capable of outstanding individual performances. Still, the biggest strength of the team is harmony and cooperation.

The boys are trained by great professionals, who can make the most out of them and are excellent teachers.

The Hungarian Trade & Cultural Centre (HTCC) discovered this unity, and they are honoured to be supporting such a nice team.

The team needs the support of HTCC so that they can train properly and take part in international tournaments. The outstanding result proves that the support is paid back by a rapid return.

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