45pc of Hungarian students in tertiary education are planning to work abroad, while only 29pc of people already working feel appreciated at their workplace, piacesprofit.hu reports.

According to the K&H youth prosperity index, which examines 19-29-year-olds’ views and expectations of the future regarding housing, education, work, and advancement opportunities, 39pc of full-time university students have negative opinions about the educational system. The level of dissatisfaction has increased from last year, when only 22pc of student expressed negative feelings. Only every third student, overall 30pc are satisfied with the educational system.

The survey revealed that 70pc of the students speak a foreign language, and 38pc of them have at least one intermediate level language certificate. The difference in language skills, between students in the capital and those in the countryside towns, is significant: 85pc of students in Budapest have at least one language certificate; this number is only 58pc in the countryside.

Studying and working abroad is a popular idea among young people. 27pc of them would like to study abroad, and 45pc plan to work in another country. This rate is even higher in Budapest, where 60pc of the students have plans to go abroad. The idea of working abroad is more popular among university students; among those already employed only 30pc has plans to relocate.

Students have a more positive outlook on their current situation and their prospects than those who are already on the job market. More than half of all students are interested in what they are studying, while only 41pc of those already employed enjoy and are interested in their jobs. 39pc of students and 54pc of working people are scared that they would not find a job.

29pc of people in employment feel appreciated in their jobs, and 23pc of them are positive about their advancement opportunities. This rate is the highest in the west of the country. 41pc expects small improvements, while 15pc anticipates significant changes in the future.

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Source: piacesprofit.hu

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