Photo: Turista Magazin/Attila Gulyás

Can you think of anything better than relaxing in a cosy tourist house after an exhausting hike in the mountains? Dinner is waiting for you; you can chat with your company in a special environment, rewind and get ready for the next day. You’ll almost feel like you are in a magical Swiss chalet.

Forget tourist houses which you connect with modesty because there are more and more exceptions in Hungary! Thanks to the developments of the last few years, we can find lovely places to stay in. Blissfully, the investments will continue in the future with the help of the Téry Ödön National Programme for the Development of Tourist Houses. collected 10+1 tourist houses worth a visit. They are the following:

  1. 1. Tourist house in the Fekete Mountain – Heaven in the mountains
    It was inaugurated in 1933 and can be found between Pilisszentlélek and Kesztölc. It is surrounded by pure nature that is why it’s often called ‘eyrie’. It was the favourite place of a Hungarian poet, József Berda, who called it ‘heaven in the mountains’. The view is breath-taking; you can see the whole Danube Bend from the terrace. website

    Photo: Turista Magazin/Attila Gulyás

  2. Tourist house in the Som Mountain – A rest in the canyon
    It is near to Pilisszentkereszt but only functions as a tourist house since 1983, it was the house of woodmen before. It was renovated in 2013 and is now capable of the reception of 13 guests in the winter and 30 in the summer. There is no restaurant or buffet there so you have to take care of your alimentation.

    Photo: Turista Magazin/Attila Gulyás
  3. The hunting-box of Büdöskút – Relaxation at Lake Balaton
    Found in the southern part of the Keszthely Mountain, it’s very close to the romantic Valley of Saint Michael. There you can learn about the history of the saint. There are many lookout turrets close to the house with amazing panorama.

    Photo: Turista Magazin/Attila Gulyás
  4. Rest-house in Kő Mountain – Where even Petőfi has hiked
    It’s right on the north of Szentendre and has a view of the Danube. It was named after János Czibulka who had the vision of the house. What makes it interesting is that there is no running water so the guests have to manage with rain water. It is worth looking into the house because you will always find sausage-soup (it is their specialty), pancakes and bread & dripping with red onions.

    Photo: Turista Magazin/Attila Gulyás
  5. Szalajka- house – The silence of Mátra
    It is 3 kilometres away from Mátraszentimre and has already been mentioned in a traveller’s companion in 1929. It went through several renovations since then. It has a real forest feel to it not just because of the furniture but also the rooms which were named after birds. There is even a room for conferences and education in the house.

    Photo: Turista Magazin/Attila Gulyás
  6. Tourist house in the Nagy-hideg Mountain – Boots in the summer, skis in the winter
    This is a rest-house built out of stone and it is positioned quite high up in Börzsöny. It was the most developed tourist house of its time. There is even a sauna and a Jacuzzi, so it is perfect for relaxing. If you’re a visitor in winter, make sure you bring you skiing equipment because Börzsöny turns into a skiing complex during winter time.

    Photo: Turista Magazin/Attila Gulyás
  7. The rest-house of Baron Lóránd Eötvös – The cradle of tourism
    This is one of our oldest and probably most well-known tourist houses. You can find it in Dobogókő which is a beautiful place to spend some days. It was built in 1898 but went through several renovations. Even a Tourist Museum functions there today.

    Photo: Turista Magazin/Attila Gulyás
  8. Tourist house of Pénzásás – Where even pilgrims took a rest
    It is also up in Börzsöny. It has functioned as a quarry, wood industry back in the day. There was also an industrial train line but all of these were closed after the Second World War. It was renovated and expanded after a few decades. It is now preferred by those who go on the Road of Maria.

    Photo: Turista Magazin/Attila Gulyás
  9. Tourist house of Ágasvár – A popular place in the Mátra
    It is surrounded by beautiful nature which attracts many tourists, hikers. Many tourist lines cross there. There was once a castle standing there but we only know this from the name of the place. You can only approach it by feet but regular visitors say that it is absolutely worth the energy.

    Photo: Turista Magazin/Attila Gulyás
  10. Rest-houses in the Mountains of Kisirtáspuszta – Renovation at the peek
    Again, you have to go to the Börzsöny to stay at this place. It has functioned as a woodmen’s cottage and storage. The Forest Train, which is now 107 years old, has a stop near the tourist house. You must buy a ticket for the train while staying there to see the flora and fauna of Börzsöny.

    Photo: Turista Magazin/Attila Gulyás

+1) Tourist Centre of Galya – A smart tourist house

It is a brand new environmentally friendly tourist house in the Mátra. Solar collectors are responsible for the electricity and hot water. This is the first test centre in Hungary, where the lovers of outdoor sports can try modern equipment like hiking boots and bicycles. It is also a place for pilgrims with its ‘silent chamber’ in the backyard, where light comes in the form of the Big Bear and the Little Bear.

Photo: Turista Magazin/Attila Gulyás

Translated by Alexandra Béni
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Photo: Turista Magazin/Attila Gulyás


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