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According to, Dining Guide has recently published its famous restaurant guide, in which they included more street food places than ever. Out of the 150 listed, they picked the 10+1 best street food spots that you can currently find in Budapest.

According to Dining Guide’s own definition, street food denotes a place, where we “can eat good food while on the go” meaning that we can literally take away and eat the ordered meal on the go, or stay at the place and eat it there. The website lists spots that don’t have waiters, so going there is not necessarily a “special event”.

Nevertheless, their aim with the list is to attract attention to the better and better street food selection, which offers experiences that you would recommend to anyone. For instance, Kemencés Pizza, which was awarded with Dining Guide’s “Street Food of the Year” prize. Still, truth be told, they recommend all of the following places warm-heartedly.

When making the list, they focused on the harmony and elaboration of flavours, the balanced standard represented by the restaurant, good quality ingredients, and original ideas, concepts.

  1. Bamba Marha Burger Bar – Andrássy Avenue 46., Deák Ferenc Square 3., Október 6. Street 6.

  2. Bp BARbq – Akácfa Street 24.

  3. Food Truck Yard – Üllői Road 51.

  4. Holy Cow – Katona József Street 2.

  5. Kemencés Pizza – Fő Road 39.

  6. ODÚ – Balzac Street 29, Tátra Street 25.

  7. Revolución Budapest – Akácfa Street 57.

  8. Steamboo – Hold Street 13.

  9. TöLTő – Wesselényi Street 31.

  10. Vegan Love – Bartók Béla Road 9.

  11. The Chef’s Table (Séf Asztala) – Westend City Center

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