The Huffington Post travel Agency has made a subjective and lovable list of the reasons why foreigners have to visit Budapest as soon as possible, even in this year. – said

All of this in 13 points
  1. It is the most interesting city on Earth, regarding its historical background
  2. Most of the sights are free, for example, the Buda Castle
  3. It’s a main city of food: with great little markets and delicious meals
  4. The thermal baths have outdoor pools, which are really tempting in the summer
  5. Budapest is one of the cheapest cities  in Europe
  6. The synagogue in the Dohány street is amazingly beautiful and the biggest in Europe
  7. The market hall in the Vámház körút
  8. Budapest is easily accessible
  9. Visitors can stay at the Grand Budapest Hotel which became famous from the comedy film in 2014
  10. In the terror house, visitors can see harrowing pictures from the era of dictatorship in the 20th century
  11. Wines
  12. The Margaret Island in the middle of the city
  13. Ruinpubs (a unique type of pubs; specific to Hungary)

Based on the article
Translated by Andrea Tóth


  1. Ten reasons why I hate Budapest

    1. Mercenary cab drivers, bar owners and restauranteurs
    2. Lack of “pooper scooper” law enforcement- dog shit everywhere
    3. Arrogant “my shit doesn’t stink” attitude from sports teams
    4. Terrible parking
    5. Center of bureaucracy- nothing can be done without central approval
    6. No public place is grafitti-free
    7. Airport prices triple normal prices for Coca-Cola products
    8. Drab concrete block flats create an apocalyptic 1984 word
    9. Everything is more expensive there
    10. Viktor Orban. Hungary’s fascist dictator, lives there

  2. No not all but it’s part of its. I love the hills as they are accessible by bike, foot, bus and car.

  3. even if i’m half hungarian, i’m still livin in germany, can’t even speak hungarian that much so i’m kinda foreigner as well. the reason why i spend almost every holiday in my favorite “home” are the streets of budapest, that i know so well but everytime i come back there are new things. i think the young creative change of budapest is one of the reasons and it’s also my favorite to just walk trough the city, the little streets with their great architecture.

  4. If your 1/8th Hungarian, you are Hungarian. If your Joe Miano, your just a Joe. Budapest, is my second home from Toronto, Canada but is my Native homeland too. As a true European, i have such a proud history that cannot be silenced by most western libtards. The proof is when you visit and experience Budapest, Hungary with hopefully somebody that can help you absorb even a tiny bit of what is there. You’ll leave with the feeling of amazement and happiness. You’ll be looking forward to your next visit. The people there love life, have been through much hardship, and move forward with challenges, but never leave or give up their culture and heritage. This is a no-no for anyone trying to convince a Hungarian that they should just melt into a mixed group of people and give up their identity. Not going to happen, anything else may.

  5. I’ve been in Budapest for 3 times and always found something new,staied. at Danubius Gellert Hotel.To me Budapest and its people are the best in Earope.If not problems with Schengen Viza,I’ll be in Budapest every 6 month,as the termal pools in Budapest just fantastik.

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