We can suddenly recognise the neighbouring street, the Parliament, the Chain Bridge or the Heroes’ Square in a music video. We collected music videos – beyond Sarah Connor and Depeche Mode – that were all shot in Hungary (mainly Budapest).

Sarah Connor – From Sarah with love 

The music video for the popular song was shot in 2001, and is set in Keleti railway station. The platforms are covered with autumn leaves, while the story takes place in both the past and the present. If we pay attention, we can notice the recurring theme of a deck of Hungarian cards in this tristful video.

Over 5 million views on YouTube:

Katy Perry – Firework

We must start with the music video which received the most press response. Katy Perry’s Firework was shot in the Castle of Buda and at Astoria with walk-on actors chosen by public castings. The video, which has been viewed over 800 million times, features beautiful scenes of Budapest, and at least one third of the comments asks about the locations.

Over 964 million views on YouTube:

Gwen Stefani – Early Winter

According to starity.hu, this music video was shot in several European cities. Its Budapest part is set in Nyugati railway station. The singer of No Doubt saw the potential in our capital city in 2007. What’s interesting is that the video was made for the European market, it wasn’t launched officially overseas.

Over 14 million views on YouTube:

Jamie Woon – Lady Luck

The British singer’s songs are quite pleasant and catchy. While in the music video of Lady Luck Jamie travels through Budapest, with old trams and metros, you feel that the scenes are gliding: you see a bridge for a second, Astoria in the next second. The concept is simple: he travels, sings while we see Budapest.

Over 12 million views on YouTube:

Groove Coverage – Moonlight Shadow

There was a time when discos couldn’t exist without Groove Coverage’s version of Moonlight Shadow – it was even played at the opening ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics. The story of the music video starts from Heroes’ Square and shows a bit of the Chain Bridge, the Boulevard and Oktogon.

Over 4 million views on YouTube:

Depeche Mode – Condemnation

The music video for Condemnation was shot in 1993 in Göd, after their concert in Budapest. Just like several DM videos, it was directed by Anton Corbijn. Interestingly, it was only launched in 2002.

Jovanotti – Mi Fido Di Te

The music video was shot in 2005. It features several locations in Budapest, but the most recognisable are probably the Boulevard, the metro, the Academic Church and K Bridge leading to Hajógyári Island.

Over 10 million views on YouTube:

RÁJ – Ghost

According to tizdolog.hu, the mysterious American singer-songwriter, RÁJ’s first music video was shot in Budapest with a young actress, Nóra Lili Hőrich. It present a quite intimate, cosy atmosphere.

Arash feat. Helena – Pure Love

The Iranian-Swedish pop performer Arash is mostly known for his Boro Boro all-time hit. His song Pure Love from 2008 presents a love drama: he and his partner are spending their vacation in the capital city, when he suddenly loses the beautiful woman in an accident.

Over 50 million views on YouTube:

+1 Michael Jackson – History

This is another iconic music video, or more so, a teaser, because it was made to promote Michael Jackson’s History record. The teaser was shot in 1995 and it starts with a military march in the Castle of Buda, continues with a procession through the Chain Bridge and finishes at Heroes’ Square depicted as an MJ altar. Jacko came three times to Hungary, after this video he had a great concert next year, so he loved Budapest so much.


Source: Daily News Hungary

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