According to, the no more than 17 years old Liza Mihályfi won in the teenager category at the Miss Hungary beauty contest last year, thus qualifying herself to the Miss Eurasia competition this year.

liza mihályfiIt was the young girl’s first time on an airplane and first time she has traveled without her parents for such distances. She prepared alone and fought in the four week long competition. Her efforts seem to have paid off, as she won the title and was crowned as Miss Eurasia 2016.

“This was my first time on a plane and the first time being alone, without my parents, for such an amount of time. They were, of course, worried, but we decided that this will be an important step to become an adult” said Liza. However, her mother got onto an airplane to get to her at the final, in Turkey.

“We spent four weeks to prepare for the finals with the representatives of 37 countries; we all spoke English, so I could practice the language. I shared a room with the Indian girl with whom I got along very well. When I made it into the top 15 I started to hope for a great result. And then they called my name at the end…”

Bors reports that the beauty still has to wait until she can get the 1,5 million forints that comes with the prize, as no Hungarian girl ever won before, so they have to make new contracts to make the transfer possible.



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