black bear

A bear was found looking around only a couple of meters away from people’s houses in Somoskőújfalu, reports. The unusual visitor was reported by a local, who even caught the passer-by on camera.

The bear decided to come down from the mountains and look around in the small village of Somoskőújfalu, Nógrád county. The village is located on the northern part of Hungary near the Slovakian border.

The bear was seen near the train tracks, only a couple of meters away from the houses located on Szikszó road, Somoskőújfalu.

Train track maintenance workers were the ones who spotted the huge animal. The whole incident lasted only for a few seconds.

The bear, standing 70-80 m away from the workers, stood on two feet and looked around. Apparently, he found nothing interesting, because a couple of seconds later it went back into the forest and disappeared. The whole incident lasted for about 15 seconds.

The last bear in the area was spotted in 2016. It was actually two bears, walking around in Medves-plateau. Back then, the bears were spotted by runners, who were only 20 meters away from the wild animals.

Bears have often been seen around the Medves Mountains in the last few years, but bears were also spotted in the areas of Cered, Mátraszele, Bárna, Szilaspogony, Karancsberény and Szügy, writes.

Similar incidents

Daily News Hungary also reported similar incidents. In November 2017, a bear broke into a home in Tusnádfürdő, Romania, and looted a family’s fridge. The bear stole the aubergine cream from the fridge and ate it in the backyard. Luckily, no one was hurt, the bear was calm and went away. In the summer of 2017 in the same Romanian town, a bear was found walking around the town with a dog, rummaging in dumpsters.

Authorities try to raise awareness by signs so that dangerous situations could be avoided. Hikers and locals are warned to be careful in certain areas, especially in the forests near the Slovakian border.

Featured Image: Illustration (Pixabay)


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