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A bear broke into a home in Tusnádfürdő, Romania and emptied the family’s fridge, szé reports. Residents immediately called emergency line 112 but received no help due to another bear alert taking place at the same time nearby.

The “break-in” happened at dawn on Saturday at a house on Olt street, Tusnádfürdő, Harghita County, Romania. The bear’s first target was the fridge in the kitchen. Ibolya Domokos, resident of the house in question, said:

“The bear opened the fridge, took the fat and the aubergine cream out of the fridge, then took everything out to the yard and ate it there.” They noticed the noise, so her husband went into the kitchen to check out what was going on, then he saw the huge black bear in the middle of their kitchen.

Luckily, the bear did not attack, it calmly turned away and went out of the house. Residents immediately called 112, but authorities could not send anyone to their aid, because everyone had already been sent to a guesthouse nearby to deal with a bear (possibly the same one).

Ibolya was very upset. She thinks it was outrageous that no one could come and help them. What would have happened if the bear had been aggressive? She said that it was a huge luck that the bear was not aggressive and did not attack her husband or damaged their house. Their 12-year-old kid was also very scared, and he had trouble sleeping after the incident, worrying that the bear would come back.

Bear population control is an important issue in Romania

This is not an isolated incident, there is a growing number of bears who wander into villages and towns looking for food. Especially now that the harvest is over. Bears can cause serous agricultural or property damage and sometimes even endanger human life.

Hunters have been requesting the putting down of more than 30 bears within this region due to the damages the bears have caused, and the growing number of bears who wander into towns and danger the people living there.

The Ministry of Environment granted permission to put down only three bears, other requests were denied. People are outraged.

According to József Benke, director of Zetelaka és Társai Hunting and Fishing Association, people’s lives are in danger due to the ministry’s decision. He finds environmental protection to be an important issue, but he thinks that wildlife, especially the bear population in the region, needs to be controlled in order to protect the people, properties and agriculture.

Zetelaka és Társai is the only hunting association that was granted permission to shoot 3 bears who represent danger to the population in Harghita County.


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