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Governmental organisations and associations spent approximately 65 billion HUF (194 million EUR) on state propaganda and communication strategies last year. This is twice the amount of financial investment than what the government invested before starting the campaigns.

According to, apart from the government, several ministries spent 44 billion HUF (131 million EUR) on communication and propaganda in the last few years. Furthermore, the Cabinet Office spent only 35 billion HUF (104 million EUR) in twelve months. Although the government set up an organisation to spare money for state matters, it seems like they could not follow the original financial plan while starting different kinds of campaigns. Propaganda even appeared in famous Hungarian music festivals like VOLT

The main “customer” of state propaganda is the Cabinet Office led by Antal Rogán.

Most of the money was requested to be spent on blue-coloured billboards which were later redesigned by the portrait of billionaire George Soros. Another significant amount of money was spent on the ‘Egy természettel’ campaign to promote the national hunting and nature exhibition in the country. Last but not least, the Ministry of Human Capacities ordered and made the country’s ‘pro-family ads’ campaign happen, where they used a man and a woman who were already famous worldwide from memes on the internet. After the government removed the anti-migration and anti-Soros posters from Budapest, a new series of ads appeared, promoting Hungary’s new family policies. However, it featured a low-cost stock image with the internet’s most popular dysfunctional couple.

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From originally being given 90 billion HUF (268 million EUR) of financial support for state campaigns, “only” 15 billion HUF (45 million EUR) is available, and another 30 billion HUF (90 million EUR) for different events.








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