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The Westend Shopping and Entertainment Centre is celebrating its 20th birthday this year, and as a present, it will be renewed. The mall welcoming 20 million visitors per year is going to get a new design, and new shops and services will be placed there, using the opportunities offered by digitalisation. 

The main goal of the owners is to create an innovative and personalised shopping mall that uses the opportunities offered by digitalisation and thus, it can function as an entertainment centre for everybody. Therefore, they are going to design a new Westend app that can be personalised and offers individual discounts. In the mall, there are 400 different shops currently, but 1/3 of them is new compared to 3 years before. And change is not stopping anytime soon, Portfolio reported.

Gyula Ágházi, managing director of Gránit Pólus, says that

Westend has been a market leader

in many sectors of the shopping and entertainment industry in the last 20 years.

For example, it was there that the first 4DX cinema, Starbucks, Massimo Dutti, Séf Asztala, Hugo Boss, Kiehl’s, TGI, Desigual, Fruitissimo, and Leroy shops were opened in the country. Bershka opened again in October with an exclusive stage concept, and GUESS is going to do so in December. Moreover, in Europe, it is Westend where the first American Eagle is going to open. 

According to the new concept, in November, the mall is going to change to a

fresh, dynamic design, 

which was made by the Avalanche Creative Agency. The new logo is going to be placed on the facade of the mall. The information system is going to be renewed as well, putting digital surfaces in the first place. From November on, visitors can select the shop they would like to buy in with the help of a new info desk or the new Westend app offering personalised discounts. There will be a loyalty club created for those who regularly visit the shopping mall. There, they can collect points that can be converted to gifts or extra discounts. 

In 2020, the mall is going to introduce a

simple, cash-free parking system,

which will enable people to register their credit card and so gain automated access to the parking lots. Furthermore, the leadership of the mall finds it important to draw attention to living eco-consciously, collect rubbish selectively, and increase the number of electric chargers.

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