In Budapest, most malls are successful and crowded, but some shopping centres are absolutely unprofitable and deserted. Some exaples are collected here:


china-mart-1Photo: Hungarian Chamber of Architects

This Chinese 42 thousands square metre mall has been open since 2003, and it was designed to be a wholesale showroom and information centre by turkish companies. Althought it is just of the popular Chinese mall called Asia Centre at edge of the city, China Mart is unable to attract customers.

Millenium Shopping Center

millenium shoping centerPhoto:

Most strangely, this mall is not at the edge of the city, right in the City Centre, where Vaci Street is located. It is the most well-known shopping street and tourist attraction in Budapest. However, it still not enough to bring in visitors to Millenium Shopping Center.

Bálna (Whale)

Bálna_indexPhoto: Istvan Szécsi/

As we published before, Bálna has just been born. Since it has a special cultural profile, Bálna will probably not be a crowded mall in the future, either.

Grand Fashion Outlet Plaza


While Bálna has just been born, Grand Fashion Outlet Plaza has not even been born. It was open for a time as Material Center, but it still has not bben reopened as an outlet shopping centre, as planned two years ago, and now it is sure that it will never be.

The most haunted place – Savoya Park


Savoya Park can be a really haunted by ghost, because it was built on an old cemetery of Alberfalva, an outer district. Many people say there seen ghost…

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