444.hu writes that Róbert Bobroczky attracted the world’s attention as Europe’s tallest basketball player a few years ago at the age of 14, when he was already 226 centimetres tall. The boy, who was born in Arad and speaks Hungarian as his mother tongue, but is a Romanian citizen, was taken to Stella Azzurra, because he didn’t only seem to be extremely tall, but also very clever.

Bobby Bossman, the director of Ohio SPIRE Institute, watched a video of the 16-year-old boy on YouTube and looked him up on Facebook. They already made a contract on their first meeting.

Bossman thinks that Róbert works very hard, even though they haven’t started practicing with a ball yet, as they first have to better his health. They did all types of tests on him in Cleveland, and concluded that he can start playing in January. They first stretched him, which was followed by physiotherapy, where they tried to strengthen him: he still needs to work out, eat a lot of eggs, chicken and fish. Moreover, they are trying to better his speed, because the movement of a boy this tall is very limited in the beginning. Playing basketball will start after all this, which will also be part of the specific schedule, because such a unique player needs special attention.

Bobroczky’s father also used to play basketball, he is 216 centimetres tall, while his mother is also quite tall with her height of 183 centimetres.

You can read more about him here!

Photo: www.facebook.com/RóbertBobroczky

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