According to, there was another change of ownership at TV2, and the buyer is Andy Vajna who feels at home in government circles. According to the information of the website Figyelo, the contrast has already been signed, which was preceded by a two-month-long negotiation. The news will be announced on this week.

The contract will be signed by managers Zsolt Simon and Yvonne Dederick who acquired the channel one and a half years ago. Vajna reportedly takes over and reimburse all debts of the current owners. The value of the sale and purchase can be more than HUF  20 billion. Signing the contract does not mean immediate receipt, but the leadership will certainly go to Vajna’s hands by the end of the year.

According to the information from inner circles, Vajna started the television business because Fidesz badly needs a servile channel with good views which broadcasts their political messages, not questioning the meaning and the reality of them.

Andy Vajn has been already interested in the channel. Recently wrote that the Hungarian Broadcasting Co. owned by Vajna formulated a memorandum on the purchase of TV2 Media Group Kft. In September, there was already talk that maybe Vajna would also take the radio market with Matyas Bakai who can be linked to the former Roxy Radio and Dokk club.

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