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3 new lookout towers to be built near Budapest

3 new lookout towers to be built near Budapest

Last year 31 thousand tourists visited the lookout tower in Prédikálószék, which is an unexpectedly high number, reported. Based on this popularity, the forestry decided to build three more towers during 2018-2020.

The lookout on Prédikálószék offers a unique panorama view of the Danube Bend, and in a previous article, we mentioned this hike as a great idea for a romantic date.

View from Prédikálószék. Photo:

The Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt. installed an automated visitor counter which reports that more than 31 000 people climbed the lookout to have an even more amazing view of the Danube Bend.

This achievement is even more surprising given that this hilltop is situated in a place that is more than 2 hours hike away from the nearest town, and there is no way to get there by car – says the Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt.

There is a web camera on top of the lookout, as well as a meteorological station. These help visitors get some useful, up-to-date information on the weather or amazing pictures during spectacular weather conditions. It should not come as a surprise that thousands of people follow the page. From now on the lookout also offers free Wi-Fi connection.

Learn more about the Danube bend, the surrounding cities and watch an amazing drone video here.

According to the ForestVisit visitor counter, two-thirds of the tourists come during the weekend, but almost 10 thousand people choose to visit on a weekday. The average number of visitors is 86 per day, and the peak hours are from noon to 2 pm.

This year, the greatest number of visits was recorded in April, almost 5 000, while the daily maximum was 700 tourists in October 15th, 2017, on a Sunday.

The most popular day is Saturday with 36%, next comes Sunday with 30%, and only 6-7% of the visitors choose one of the weekdays to visit Prédikálószék.

lookout prédikálószék

Lookout on Prédikálószék.

New scenic lookout towers

The 2018-2020 period will see some new developments – based on the popularity of the Prédikálószék lookout and other tourist attractions – 3 new lookout towers will be built. Out of the three only one is going to be in the Pilis, on Mt. Bölcső. The other two will be placed in lesser-known regions: one in the Gödöllő hills, on the Margita-peak near Szada, the other in the eastern part of the Gerecse mountain-range on Nagy-Gete.

The Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt. reports 25 million tourists a year in the forests surrounding Budapest, which means that they are the number one most popular forest park in the country.


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