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According to, the Hungarian university and college students live from HUF 50,000 on average, and they see their future and  employment chances positively, despite their limited financial possibilities – newspaper Magyar Nemzet wrote referring to the assessment of Aktiv Fiatalok on Thursday.

60% of the respondents said he/she gets along well by assigning money wisely, a quarter claimed to live without financial worries.

The largest proportion of the students spend the money on meals and traveling, a monthly average of HUF 16 000 and 8000, and housing represents the largest expenditure, the students spend HUF 26 000 on this monthly on average.

11% of the students have already studied abroad, 18% want to go somewhere in the near future, according to the survey. 63% of the respondents would like to work abroad for a shorter period, 52% of them want to work abroad for long-term. 37% of the students would be willing to settle in another country permanently.

Magyar Nemzet also wrote that a third to a quarter doesn’t receive degree due to lack of language exams, but there are places where it is more than 60%. According to the newspaper, 5% of the degrees of Budapest University of Technology and Economics diplomas and 60% of Szolnok College diplomas had to be restrained. They also report about the diploma rescue program, in which nearly 9 thousand people participated, and 90% of the candidates have been successful so far.

Newspaper Nepszava draws attention that the state can request hundreds of thousands of forints from those students who started their studies in autumn 2012 and didn’t obtained their diplomas during the one and a half times of their courses time. The deadline, which is August 31, can be postponed and can be asked for exemption from repayment.

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