Hungarians love eating in general, but we also take snacking to the next level. Savoury or sweet, we love them all. Here are four traditional Hungarian snacks you can make at home to enjoy between your meals.

For the recipes, I included Kitchen Paprikash’s recipe videos. Kitchen Paprikash is a YouTube channel dedicated to Hungarian cuisine and showing people how to make delicious Hungarian meals (in English).

Sajtos pogácsa (cheese scones)

This is a party classic. I remember that, growing up, my grandmother always used to make cheese scones for every single family gathering. It is cheap, easy to make lots of, and everyone loves it.

Túrófánk (cottage cheese doughnuts)

You have more of a sweet tooth? No problem, Kitchen Paprikash has got you covered with this filling cottage cheese doughnut recipe. As a bonus, these doughnuts can be enjoyed either as a side dish for saucy meat dishes or as a dessert.


We have already written about the two most famous home-made spreads Hungarians usually eat: tepertőkrém (goose liver spread) and körözött (cottage cheese spread). Kitchen Paprikash introduces you to three other great spreads you can make at home. I guarantee that these will be popular if you invite your foody friends over for dinner.

Lapcsánka (potato pancakes)

Pancakes are great. This dish is often called the poor man’s pancakes because it is made of potatoes. I would recommend this dish to struggling university students who have no time or money for fancy snacks. It is done in 10 minutes, and you have a plate of warm pancakes to enjoy between study sessions.

If you cannot get enough of these recipes, check out our previous articles for additional snack recipes.

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