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Did you know that – besides Italian and Greek – Hungarian language is listed among the most melodic languages?! Leastwise, according to the most celebrated linguist of the 18th-19th century – Giuseppe Mezzofanti – who wrote in 58 languages ​​and spoke in 103 tongues. In addition to its beauty and rich vocabulary, this is one more reason why you should start learning Hungarian. Let us see which apps can help you to do so 😉


Duolingo is one of the best-known language learning apps, providing bite-size lessons based on science.

Thanks to the enjoyable games, studying can easily become a playful process.


Its meaningful motto describes the essence of the app: “Learn Hungarian in just 5 minutes a day. For free.” Just take it whenever you have the time – sitting on the bus, waiting for your friend etc., Duolingo helps you to pass the time in a pleasant but useful way. Besides Hungarian, the free mobile app offers more than 30 other languages. Polyglots, your time has come! 😉

Learn Hungarian WordPower

Learn Hungarian WordPower is another efficient education app, in which Hungarian words are thematically categorised. By the help of the mobile app, users can learn the most important Hungarian words and phrases, along with their audio pronunciation. As an enthusiastic student, you rapidly pick up 2000 frequently used words and phrases in the topic of travel, shopping, technology, weather and many others.

Innovative Language 101

Innovative Language 101

This language learning app provides a great variety of materials, thanks to which, communication in Hungarian can start from the very first time. The app offers “fun, effective and affordable lessons”, along with several lesson notes, and numerous audio and video lessons made by real teachers. The best way to improve your speaking skills!

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FREE Hungarian by Nemo

Speaking skills are in the primary focus of Nemo Free language learning app, thanks to which you can master your Hungarian pronunciation. No prior knowledge is required.

Right pronunciation can be quickly learned due to the high-quality audios provided by native speakers; along with Speech Studio option by which you can record and improve your own pronunciation.

The app offers materials at three levels – beginners can get an insight into the most essential 100 words, followed by the intermediate level where students can listen to frequently used travel and business-related phrases. Advanced learners can make their pronunciation perfect through the help of Speech Studio.

Hungarian Bubble Bath

Besides Duolingo, this language learning app also provides an entertaining way of learning Hungarian. The concept of the game is simple – you need to pop bubbles that float to the top of the screen. After selecting a bubble that shows a Hungarian word inside, you need to find its translation to pop it.

Duolingo Hungarian

Hungarian Bubble Bath is primarily useful to expand your vocabulary.

Players can choose among 63 categories, each of them including 600 Hungarian words and phrases that are pronounced by a native speaker.

So, ready…steady…go!!! 😉


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