Having a Barbecue in a beautiful,  multi colored forest is one of the loveliest experience, szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu reports.

Sitting around a campfire is very positive for several reasons. It can be the the highlight of the day, in  the fresh air. What is more, you can calm your hunger while enjoying the warmth of the cooking fire. Now you can read about 5 Barbecue places from different districts of Budapest where you can have a wonderful picnic on a cool autumn day.

District I and II – a bunch of better and better places

Barbecue parties are very papular in District I and II, because most of Budapest’s forests and tourist spots are in this area. You can find places for setting fire in  Nagyrét,  Szépjuhászné-liget, Kis Hárs-hegy, Anna- rét and Csacsi-rét, but in several clearings as well. There you can find tables and benches to prepare your barbecue and enjoy your fire roasteds.

District VI, Farkaserdő – having fun near the forest school

In Farkaserdő you can find many suitable sites for having Barbecue in Pest.  For example, on the outskirts of District VI, 4 of them are waiting for you with tables and benches. Forest school and  forest nursery are also established for kids.

District XVI, Naplás-tó- the combination of water, fire, earth and fresh air

In district XVI, surrounded by four ancient elements, you can find many panomaric places for having your snack and setting fire around Naplás-tó. You don’t have to worry about the tables and benches.

District XI, Kamaraerdő-  setting fire even in a pouring rain

If you want to stay in Buda,  Kamaraerdő is a good choice. You can get to the clearing along a nature trail but that is not all: in case of dashing rain, covered space is also an option.

District XVIII, the playground of Sas Street- family cooking

The last place of the list mainly provides an opportunity for families with young children for a little weekend Barbecue. Comfortable benches and tables for adults, entertaining playground for the kids.

based on article of szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu
translated by GAnina

Photo: www.tardosi-sporttabor.hu

Source: http://www.szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu/

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