Hot summer days are infinitely more bearable while lying in the sun near Lake Balaton, making the ‘Hungarian sea’ a very popular summer destination. However, the weather is not always the best. There is no need to panic though, prepared a list that helps you choose fun programs for those rainy days, too.

Luckily, there are a number of attractions near the lake that can be enjoyed, no matter what the weather is like. For instance, Veszprém can be a good destination as it offers a medieval castle district. In fact, the most unscathed Baroque pedestrian street can be found here, along with some churches and a castle, so you can definitely spend a few hours here.

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A little farther from here, in Bakonybél, you will come across the number one complex astronomical observatory in the country called Pannon Astronomical Observatory. Here, you can explore an exhibition about the history of astronomy and a park of telescopes, or enjoy the 3D Mars cinema or the planetarium.

Another great idea is to go to Tapolca where you can explore in small boats a lake cave system that runs under the city.

Or, for those interested in flowers and plants, it is possible in Tihany to learn about the culture and customs of lavender cultivation. Nevertheless, there are options to spend some time without going quite so far. The Mór Jókai Centre can offer some interesting information while the Balaton Waterlife Visitor Centre in Balatonfüred introduces you to the various plants and animals of the area.

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For a more adventurous activity, visit the Balaton Bobsled Track in Balatonfűző that allows you to marvel at the picturesque Balaton view while enjoying a rush of adrenaline, too. Last but not least, visiting the Helikon Castle Museum in Keszthely can be a fun afternoon as well, since the castle itself is wonderful and the history of the Festetics family that lived there is fascinating.


Foodwise, has a list for those slightly bored from all the traditional beach foods and craving something special.

The first suggestion is to try the ‘ice cream flavour of 2018’, namely, the basil-raspberry flavour. It was created in Gyenesdiás by the ice cream parlour Bringatanya. There are options to try other unique flavours in this family confectionary, like the strawberry-rhubarb Philadelphia ice cream that came in third place, or the chestnut with red wine-soaked blueberries ice cream that won the Szeged Special Award.

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Another unique creation of the area is the lavender-flavoured beer. The Tihany Abbey commissioned the Stari Craft Brewery last year to create this unique drink – Tichon Lavender – using the famous plant of the area. Of course, there are a number of other products that are made using lavender, including soaps, candles, juices, herbal teas and liqueurs. In fact, starting from 15 June, you can collect lavenders for yourself on the Tihany lavender field.

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Pulled Carp

When it comes to food, it is definitely worth trying out the Pulled Carp created by Dániel Bezerics and chosen as the ‘beach meal of 2017’ at the end of last summer. It is a bagel topped with fresh spinach, smoked carp, marinated red onion, garlic sauce and some spiced butter. This meal brought the Balaton beach flavours to a new height. It is worth paying attention to what the beach meal of 2018 will be.

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