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Volkswagen honours Lake Balaton with newest camper van model

Volkswagen honours Lake Balaton with newest camper van model

According to, this year is the 30th anniversary of the release of Volkswagen California, one of the most successful camper vans in the world. Its newest edition is going to honour Hungary by being named after Lake Balaton.

The first camper van was made in 1951, by a company called Westfalia. Back then, it was more of a ‘car with a tent’ sort of thing, derived from a Transporter. Since 1988, however, Volkswagen has been responsible for the manufacture of camper vans and their line is called California.

The production of the 4th generation of camper vans started in 2015, based on the 6th generation of the Transporter.

The newest model is going to be an homage to Hungary, more specifically to Lake Balaton, loved by Germans as well.

The van is going to be a seven-seater with an additional camping table, camping chairs, a Camper roof and an awning.

camper van, inside

Interior of the Volkswagen California

The company promises that the VW California Balaton Edition is going to fulfil campers’ every wish for comfort imaginable. The price is going to reflect this luxury, though, as it is expected to be sold for about 18 million HUF (55 573 EUR) and will be available around mid-June.

The company has recently reached another milestone, reports, by producing the 100 thousandth California camper van. The van’s popularity seems to be unbreakable as they sold 15 155 camper vans just last year, producing an 18% increase compared to previous years.

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