Lake Balaton view reveals that Hévíz, Siófok, Balatonfüred, Zalakaros, and Keszthely are the most popular destinations in the Balaton region. Árpád Győrffy, editor of shared his data about the ranking among these cities.

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Hévíz is the most successful city in the Balaton region since it has a 7 percent growth regarding the number of nights spent in the hotels of the town last year. The city, that is best known for its spas, accommodated 1,1 million guests in 2017. Nights spent here by foreigners rose with 9,7 percent while the Hungarians’ number grew by 3 percent. 700 thousand people from abroad decided to stay in Hévíz.

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Siófok got the second place in the competition, however, it is the winner among the cities that are located right by the shore. On the other hand, a touristic outgrowth of the city decreased spectacularly with 8,6 percent thanks to the 15,9 percent domestic decline. Yet, it earned the second place on the list with 240 nights internationally and 467 domestically.

Siófok óriáskerék ferris wheel
Ferris Wheel in Siófok, Photo:ófokÓriáskerék


Árpád Győrffy highlighted that it has been Hévíz, Siófok, and Balatonfüred on the stage for years now. It is a change however that while Siófok’s popularity seems to be decreasing, Balatonfüred is getting more and more beloved due to its 11,3 percent rise. This causes Siófok be on very thin ice because 706 thousand nights are not much more than Balatonfüred’s 693 thousand nights.

Balaton Balatonfüred view
Balatonfüred, Photo:üred


Zalakaros got the fourth place with a 10,7 percent rise that means 554 thousand nights in this case. Domestic popularity has grown with a notable 10,1 percent. Keszthely won the fifth place from Zamárdi compared to last year. What is more, Cserszegtomaj and Tihany improved their accomplishment with one-one place.

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