According to, there are more and more places with an admission fee for the beaches of Lake Balaton. It is harder every year to find places that allow free entrance. Prices of tickets, just like prices of weekend houses at Balaton, are mounting – they range from a few hundred Forints (1-2 EUR) to a few thousand (10-15 EUR).

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Lake Balaton, Photo:

The list in an alphabetical order that reports about features lots of beaches. The cheapest is located in Balatonszepezd. It is called Víriusz beach, and a ticket costs 380 Forints (1.2 EUR). Átrium beach sells the most expensive tickets, in Tihany. These cost 3000 Forints (10 EUR) but include a sunbed, a parasol and a small table, too. However, it is important to note that parking tickets are not included in the prices anywhere.

If you’re a fan of free beaches, don’t worry, this list still offers many options. And if you decided which beach to visit, check out this list with the best drinks to try at Balaton.


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