As the autumn kicks in many people start to feel uncomfortable about the lower temperatures, everyday winds, and the closing of outdoor beaches. However, shares a list of 5 baths with slides that are open and await all their lovely guests, especially the adrenalin junkies, this time as well.

  1. Check out the parade of slides in Szeged

The Napfényfüdő Aquapolis offers a great chance for visitors to have some fun. There are 9 indoor slides available for guests looking for some adventure and entertainment aside just relaxing by a pool. The indoor adventure pool will be adjoined to the outdoor wellness pool, while a glass wall on the southern part of the indoor area is said to ensure visual connection to the outdoor pool and facilities.


As it is advertised on their website, the Aquapolis is a proud host of “Europe’s longest all-year-round water slide, which is a closed, 272-meter long anaconda and starts from a 30-meter high [slide tower, accessible by elevator]”. Furthermore, the area of the inner adventure pool includes “streaming passages, waterfalls, effervescent beds and other fun elements”.

  1. Experience a Mediterranean feeling in Debrecen

The Aquaticum Mediterranean Spa of Debrecen, located in a dome hall, is especially suitable for families: there are both baby pools for the littlest ones and pools and toys for bigger kids in the water complex. Moreover, relaxation and taking nutrition are guaranteed, as the spa also consists of a Thai Massage Centre and a restaurant.


Guests may choose from a wide range of programs all year: night baths, sliding competitions and sauna séances are available in the spa ensuring the entertainment of both kids and adults. The great favourites of the kids though are, understandably, the slides.

  1. Slide through the Castle of Gyula

The Aqua Palace of the Gyula Castle was renovated recently and has two huge slides which offer a journey starting from tens of metres high, all the way through a volcano after which the enthusiastic bathers can end up landing in the pool. During the journey several visual effects are applied to add an extra factor to the entertainment.


Also, there are other slides, including a lighted slide and the Fel(l)lejtő slide which gives an extreme experience. Furthermore, anyone keen on diving from a trampoline will feel welcome at the Aqua Palace. But a 4-persons slide awaits families as well, if they were wondering about sliding together.

The Aqua Palace was ranked as the second Bath of the Year in Hungary recently

  1. Get enchanted by the colours and lights of Bükfürdő

The Bükfürdő Health and Adventure Centre is prepared to entertain guests with an indoor slide system built up of 3 elements. Light and colour effects help the slides which start off inside and go outside the walls, so providing an extreme and special experience.


The centre and its indoor complex is open all year to ensure that people of any age, who would like to relax and have a great time, may easily try out the streaming passages, fizzy beds and pools in Bükfürdő.

  1. Don’t miss out visiting the adventurous waterpark in Budapest

The Aquaworld Budapest is also open throughout the year and offers a great adventure with its 15 pools and 11 slides. The more courageous ones are awaited by the kamikaze slide, but those looking for something less extreme do not need to worry either, as the Ufo slide is suitable for such purposes.


Guests visiting Aquaworld are invited to a special experience: the thermal water is especially relaxing and also has an entertaining function, so anyone may find what fits them. Besides, the ergonomics of bathing was significantly taken into account when the services of the bath area were implemented under the gorgeous and unique dome.

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Photos:; Aquaticum; varfurdo; bukfurdo; Aquaworld.Budapest

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