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How much do you know about welding? If the answer is either nothing or not very much at all keep reading – as we are here to reveal the top five hot reasons why you should seriously consider giving this career path a go.

Hot reason #1 Age and gender are not important

Welding is a world largely unrestricted by constraints based on age and gender.

Okay, fair enough women make up less than 10% of the UK welding workforce, but that’s often because younger girls see it as ‘something for boys’. Every year more and more women join the ranks, so don’t rule it out based simply on your gender.

The same goes for age too. Whether you are fresh out of college or university, interested in taking on a new career path, or perhaps currently redundant and looking for a job with decent prospects – it’s no problem. Some people do get into it very young, others are moving rapidly towards retirement.

At the end of the day what matters is being able to prove you have the academic ability to cope with the technical a maths based side of things, and that you can deal with working in what can be a hot, dangerous and difficult environment.

Hot reason #2 The job prospects are good

Welding is a job market that is growing year on year. There are opportunities in several big industries, as well as abroad – where the mega money can be made if you are prepared to work for it.

Anyone with half an eye on emigrating at some point in the future would do well to qualify as a welder and get some experience under their belt, as the roles are just as much in demand in Australia and New Zealand as they are in the UK.

Hot reason #3 There are several ways to learn

Apprenticeships in welding are often on the table, and most are open to people of all ages.

That’s a good way to earn and learn at the same time. Other options include low-cost college courses with a mix of theory and practical, and direct traineeships agreed with a suitable employer.

Hot reason #4 It pays a decent wage

Newly qualified welders in the UK can expect to start a job o a salary paying around £16 – 18k a year, ad progress up to at least £30,000. That’s just the base figure too, as overtime and bonus schemes may also be on the table, plus there are opportunities to climb the career ladder if that is your thing.  

Of course working offshore or abroad bumps that figure up by a large percentage.

Hot reason #5 It’s an interesting job

There’s certainly more to it than you may imagine. Welders get to create, but they also troubleshoot, take responsibility for machinery, make important decisions, get to use lots of cool equipment, and join training courses to learn new skills and stay relevant. It’s definitely not a boring job path!

So there are just five hot reasons to become a welder. Tempted?

To learn more about welding and how you can get into it, check out this site.

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