According to, Lake Balaton welcomes visitors with magical lookout-towers and delicious meals, Lake Tisza with an adventure park and boating opportunity, Lake Fertő with cute towns and plenty of birds, Lake Velence with a day worth of sights and Sóstógyógyfürdő with a huge zoo and the country’s biggest village museum, all year around. If there are so many opportunities at Hungarian lakes, why would you only think about the beach and sunbathing? End this habit and get going! 🙂

Of course, you can’t pack a bathing suit in spring, but you can go on walks, eat great meals and enjoy the sun just like in summer. In fact, since the season hasn’t started yet, the experience will be even better due to the smaller crowds. And spring is the most ideal season for sport lovers, who’d like to cycle or hike around the most beautiful Hungarian lakes.

Lake Balaton

Touristic experts and locals have been repeating it for quite some time that Balaton is just as great in autumn and spring, and it shouldn’t only be visited in July and August. And they are perfectly right. If you decide to visit the region at a spring weekend, make sure to visit one of the lookout-towers, because the view of the lake is stunning. And those who’d rather ride their bicycles should go in the direction of the Káli Basin, because the path and the region is beautiful. If you’d like to finish the day off with a delicious meal, you should check out the Gastro Map of Lake Balaton, which lists the best restaurants of the region.

Lake Tisza

Another lake where the opportunities go beyond bathing, however, you don’t have to forget about it either, because the selection of wellness hotels is quite wide. Still, of course, you can do much more than enjoy the saunas and jacuzzis. For instance, you may rent a bike and cycle around the lake, and stop at the adventure park, the mini outdoor museum of Abádszalók, or the ecocentre of Poroszló, with the cutest otters. Do some research on the flora and fauna of the region, rent a boat, and get to know the nature and the bird species of the lake.


Lake Fertő

Lake Fertő offers similar experiences to what the previous two destinations do, but with an extra touch: it lies at the Austrian-Hungarian border and the feeling of visiting the neighbours spices up the adventure. There’s basically everything you can imagine, one weekend is not even enough to discover the whole region. For one thing, it is full of cultural sights like Sopron, the old town of Ruszt, the landscape house of Fertőszéplak, the outdoor museum of Mönchhof, and the castles of Fertőd and Kismarton. For another thing, the selection of sport activities is quite wide: you can rent bikes, kayaks or go hiking. If you happen to be mire amazed by the fauna, or delicious meals, you’ll be in a good place, as well.

Photo: Wiki Commons By Lutz Fischer-Lamprecht

Lake Velence

While you’d need at least four days to explore Lake Fertő and its vicinity, you can discover Lake Velence in one day. But this doesn’t mean that it is boring, only that its size is so compact that you could cycle around the lake, eat lunch and visit the sights in one day. So it’s the perfect destination for those who can only get out of the rat race for one day.

Photo: Wiki Commons By Susulyka


If you don’t live in the neighbourhood, the chances of coming up with programme ideas in the region are quite small, because it still doesn’t get enough attention. But if you’re going towards Nyíregyháza, missing such a holiday resort as Sóstógyógyfürdő would be a pity. Sóstó is a tiny oasis, where you can find everything you need for a weekend staycation. A thermal bath at the coast of the lake surrounded by oak forests, a huge zoo, and Hungary’s biggest village museum welcome you here. It is also a place where there are basically no distances, everything is within reach. Perfect for a cosy spring weekend.


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