According to index.hu, the 2017 edition of the Lake Balaton Gastro Map has been released with more than 60 places and many novelties. This year, all of the regions’ great restaurants and food spots are marked on one map, which makes the selection quite easy. Also, the edition can be used all year around at any point of Balaton.

The map and its 66 listed restaurants demonstrate how much the gastronomy of Lake Balaton has changed in the past years, not to mention that it is a great help for anyone visiting Lake Balaton, who wants to see a bit more than lakeside buffets and lángos. The hunt for the newest restaurants is definitely worth it nowadays.

One of the aims of the Lake Balaton Gastro Map is to highlight that people shouldn’t only visit the lake in the classic season, because there are more and more gastronomically exciting destinations in the region. And the number of restaurants open all year around is also growing, so the map can be used in the winter season as well.

Photo: www.facebook.com/BalatoniGasztrotérkép

Moreover, the map is full of extra information, so, besides the opening hours, you can find out about whether or not the places are dog/kid-friendly and most importantly, you can read a small description of each restaurant in English as well.

However, not all places can make it onto the map, the creators of the issue, Judit Szauer and Dóra Budavári also function as a jury, who test all of the restaurants to make the right decisions. At the same time, they emphasize that the places depicted on the map also recommend each other, because the unity between restaurant owners wanting to renew Balaton’s catering industry is quite strong, everybody knows each other and each other’s places.

Photo: www.facebook.com/BalatoniGasztrotérkép

Dóra Budavári said that there were restaurants that weren’t listed due to quality reasons, while in other places the food is awesome, but the restaurant didn’t want to be featured on the map, thus being popularised.

The biggest problem of restaurants at Lake Balaton is still the fact that they can hardly survive the rush of the summer season, while during the winter months they are open in vain as no one comes. However, this year was a bit different and more successful, probably due to the freezing sensation of the lake.

Kata Kerekes, Judit Szauer, Dóra Budavári – Photo: www.facebook.com/BalatoniGasztrotérkép

Anyone can recommend new places for the map, if they feel like something’s missing. The drawings for the map were made by graphic designer Kata Kerekes and they turned out very cool. Since the edition is sponsored by MOL Nagyon Balaton (Very Balaton), 250 thousand issues were printed, so they will probably be available in many places. But you don’t necessarily need to have one, because the whole map is available online 🙂

Featured image: www.facebook.com/BalatoniGasztrotérkép

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Source: http://index.hu/

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