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People tend to have a hiking fewer when the weather starts to warm up. To each its own, but everybody has something in common: we love amazing views. We are willing to sweat for hours walking uphill just to reach the top and be amazed by the sight. collected the five most popular lookout towers in Hungary with the best views.

If you are interested in the most beautiful hiking trails in Hungary, click here, because the 10 most popular ones are all collected in one article. There are also less-known hiking trails in the country that might be worth exploring.

The sphere lookout at Balatonboglár

balaton lake view lookout balatonboglár
Photo: by CivertanS

Balatonboglár is located on the south side of Lake Balaton. Balatonboglár’s lookout tower has a unique circular shape (like a globe), which offers a 360˚ panorama to its visitors. The view to the Balaton and the whole region is impressive and spectacular. recommends visiting the sphere lookout at night, as it offers a unique experience when it’s lit up.

Írottkő lookout tower

Kőszeg Irottkő, kilátó, lookout, view
Photo: by Darinko

Írottkő Lookout Tower is located in the Kőszeg Hills, on the highest point of Western Hungary. The lookout tower is actually on the border between Hungary and Austria, and the entrance is on the Austrian side. The tower was built in 1891, and it is one of the main attractions of the Kőszeg Hills. From the top, the surrounding Austrian hills and the former line of the Iron Curtain (signalled by a newly grown willow line) can be seen. If the weather is nice, visitors can see as far as Lake Fertő and Lake Balaton. The well-known Kéktúra (blue trail) hiking trail starts from here as well.

TV tower of Kékestető

Kékestető kilátó, tv torony

Kékestető is the highest point of the country, and its TV tower offers a wonderful panorama to all of its visitors. The TV tower is 196 metres tall, and it has an open-air terrace from where visitors can admire the beautiful view. There is also a café and a mini bottle collection of 8000 items on display.  Adults can go up the tower for HUF 600, while children (below age 14) can go up for HUF 400. The TV tower is open all year round. Only a few km away, there is another breath-taking view from Saskő.

The lookout tower at Nagykanizsa

Nagykanizsa has an artificial lake called Csónakázó-tó. There is a 48-m-tall lookout tower right next to the lake, which is the tallest lookout tower in the whole Transdanubian region. The tower was closed from the public for a long time, but luckily, it has been recently renovated and re-opened. Visitors need to climb 230 stairs to the top, but the view is pretty amazing.

Magas-hegy lookout

adventure fly
Photo:én Kalandpark Sátoraljaújhely/

Magas-hegy is one of the mountains (514 m) of the Zemplén Mountain Range. Visitors can approach the mountain and its lookout tower by using the longest chairlift/ski lift (1332 m) in Hungary called the Magas-hegyi Libegő, or by taking one of the many hiking trails that lead to the top.


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