Kékestetõ, 2017. november 30. Havas fák Kékestetõn 2017. november 30-án. MTI Fotó: Komka Péter

Hungary may not boast exceptionally high peaks or world-famous mountain ranges, but it does have beautiful landscapes and well-marked hiking trails on offer for the avid hiker. The picturesque country is a yet partially-undiscovered hiker’s paradise with its scenic routes, popular pathways and challenging terrains that tempt and test hikers from all walks of life.

While Hungarian hiking trails are considered to be some of the safest in the world, it is still imperative to come prepared with enough fluids to sustain you throughout your hike, a change of clothes should the weather change and even a lightweight and portable blanket should you need to rest for a prolonged period along the way. Deciding where to hike in Hungary may be somewhat problematic as the country boasts countless beautiful destinations begging to be explored on foot.

Bükk National Park

For hikers seeking a bit of height in the mountains, they climb should head in the direction of the Bükk National Park (Bükki Nemzeti Park) which proudly boasts one of Hungary’s highest and most impressive mountain ranges. The natural beauty of this area makes for many breathtaking landscapes to explore on foot with a range of shorter hiking paths offering the opportunity to gain knowledge about the fauna, flora, and geology of the area. The Szarvaskő Geological Study Trail, which gives hikers the chance to stop by the now derelict Szarvaskő Castle, and the Vöröskő Valley Trail are both sought-after hiking destinations within the park.


The Mátra Mountains

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This mountain range is situated in Northern Hungary and is home to the country’s highest peak, Kékestető, which stands 1,014m (3326 ft) tall. The hiking trails offer hikers a bit more in terms of altitude than other mountain ranges across the country, making for a more exhilarating hike. At the top, you will find a lookout tower that offers exquisite panoramic views of the surrounding mountain range.

Bakony in the Transdubian Mountains

The Balkony Hills is nestled amongst the Transdubian Mountains of Hungary and are, thanks to their impressive size, popular with walkers who like to engage in multi-day hikes.

The hills can be found just north of Lake Balaton and offer a diversely beautiful landscape to explore.

Kőris-hegy is the highest peak in the area and stands at a total height of 706m (2316 ft). The village of Tes can also be found in the area with its 6 historical windmills being a popular attraction for hikers throughout the region.

Hungary is a truly beautiful destination to be explored by local and international tourists alike with hiking in Hungary being a life-changing experience, unlike anything you have ever experienced before. As long as you don’t litter and don’t remove anything from the natural landscape you will be treated with respect by the local you are bound to come across on your travels and return home with a myriad of fond memories.

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