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We have all been there: the New Year’s Eve party went “too” well, had one drink more than you needed, or you just got the dirty glass.

Every nation has its own methods to cure hangovers, that is for sure; some may drink more until their head stops aching, others might sleep all day long. For me, the best is my granny’s broth. I swear, nothing cures a hangover better. But what is a hangover exactly? If you drink too many alcoholic beverages, it leads to the dehydration of your cells as well as running out of different minerals your body needs (magnesium, potassium, sodium, etc.) which eventually cause a serious headache, malaise and the unluckiest ones with a weak stomach will even feel sick on the morning after. We will show you some of the most Hungarian methods to cure the deadly disease based on the methods Femina.hu collected.

1. A hot bowl of soup

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It is said you should eat leguminous vegetables in order to be lucky in the New Year. Good news is, you can keep this tradition by eating certain types of the famous Hungarian Goulash: cook it with beans or lentils, it will surely fill you up with the nutrients you need to recover from last night’s madness. It is not a problem if you make it without the aforementioned veggies, it will be still delicious and helpful. Check out our recipe for a traditional one with potatoes.

2. Leavened Cucumber and its salty vinegar juice

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We earlier wrote that leavened cucumber is believed to cure anxiety and nervousness. Well, it is a great medicine to treat the morning after, too. It is highly advised to eat it regularly as it helps to strengthen your immune system. Save yourself the time of searching, here is how to make it.

3. Bejgli

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If you read Daily News Hungary frequently, you surely have some leftover bejgli at home. It contains many carbohydrates that you lose when getting boozed. By eating some bejgli or anything that contains carbohydrates, you can fill up your amino acid and mineral stocks 😉 It is still not too late to make one, though. Check out our bejgli recipe here.

4. Something Greasy: Stuffed Cabbage or Bread with Fat

Stuffed Cabbage

Another method that is worth a try is eating something greasy; the most Hungarian way to eat something like this could be the leftover stuffed cabbage from Christmas or, if you want to eat something fresher, try freshly baked white bread with grease, red onions, sweet red paprika powder and hot pepper.

If you still fancy cooking, check our stuffed cabbage recipe.

5. A little hair of the dog

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What could go wrong? It is said that drinking one more glass of beer in the morning can help to get you through the horrible headache and feeling sick. I personally recommend Soproni IPA or APA, but a simple lager beer can do the magic as well. Note that having another can help, but it slows down recovery as well.

We can be weird, right? There are plenty of other strange habits Hungarians have; learn more about them here.

Source: Femina.hu

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