Situated in the heart of central Europe, Hungary has been like an island as the forces of history have ebbed and flowed around it. From the Roman legions to the Hapsburg emperors, Hitler’s armies to Soviet tanks, Hungary has seen its fair share of tumultuous events. Thankfully it is a much more sedate location now, its captivating scenery and beautiful cityscapes a magnet to millions of tourists from all over the world. If you’ve met someone on a date site like this and are considering possible locations for a weekend break, you should definitely think about heading to its capital, Budapest. Here are five of the most romantic things you could do.

Cruise along the mighty Danube

Depending on whether you’re seeking a calm river cruise or a wilder party ride, there are numerous opportunities to set off on a boat trip through the center of the city. This is a terrific way to pass the time with your loved one, watching Budapest’s magnificent architecture gliding by while you enjoy your choice of onboard refreshments. The good news about these Danube cruises is they run all year round, so you’ll have the chance to view the city basking in the summer sun, or when the shadows are beginning to envelop the buildings.

buda castle danube

Enjoy national Magyar day

If you plan your romantic excursion for the third week in August, you’ll have a chance to appreciate the country’s national holiday.

August 20th marks the birth of the Magyar state, and this special occasion is celebrated with a fantastic firework display, the bursts of color reflecting in the River Danube’s ripples. 

Obviously, this event is a cause for non-stop partying, so whichever bars or restaurants you end up in are bound to have a welcoming atmosphere. Why not join in the fun and get hold of a green white and red banner from one of the souvenir shops?

Dining in style

Hungary is renowned for its fabulous cuisine, so if you want to impress your date, invite them for a mouth-watering meal in one of the city’s culinary hotspots. There are romantic French bistro-style restaurants, such as the Café Gerlóczy, where the food is simply divine. If you’re looking for a less sedate experience, the Trattoria Toscana serves delicious Italian cuisine overlooking the Danube and is always buzzing with atmosphere.

Fishermans Bastion

There is a distinct mish-mash of architecture in Budapest and no wonder. Given the country’s geographical location in the heart of Europe, there have been numerous influences, from Roman to Gothic, neo-classical to contemporary. Fishermans Bastion is a splendid structure offering panoramic views over the city, its ornate lookout towers originally constructed as observation points when the city was vulnerable to a siege, depending on which marauders were most active in Europe at the time. You can mount the castle walls as if you’re in some medieval fortress, like something from Game of Thrones.

fishermens bastion

The steep climb to the top is well worth it as your reward is breathtaking views out across the cityscape.

Hungarian National Museum

One of the city’s foremost attractions, this museum opened in 1802 and presents a wealth of exhibits about the country, as well as areas outwith where there have been Hungarian influences, such as Transylvania in neighboring Romania. There are seven permanent displays, each giving a distinct flavor of aspects of Hungary’s past. After having strolled through the capital’s present-day hustle and bustle, you can find yourselves immersed in the days of the Ottoman occupation, or get a hint of the grandeur of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. As well as history, revel in Hungary’s art and architecture.

museum budapest
Photo: Daily News Hungary

Source: Robert Oldman

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