The Night of Museums, organised for the 16th time this year, is by now a traditional midsummer celebration of the richness that Hungarian museums, galleries and other cultural or architectural spaces have to offer. Here are five alternative tips collected by, if you want to see some special, hidden gems that are generally not open to the public.

A walk in the secret rooms of the Zichy Palace

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / VinceB
[5:30-6:30pm] Discover the locked rooms and halls of this Baroque palace in Óbuda that hosts the Kassák Múzeum, the Vasarely Múzeum and the Óbuda Museum, all the while learning about the connection between the historical building and the leading Hungarian avant-garde poet of the 20th century, Lajos Kassák.

Literary tour at the Writers’ Association

[6:00-7:30pm] Learn about the legacy of the Hungarian Writers’ Association and its headquarters in the 6th district from the attic to the cellar. You can even handle some of the antique treasures of the library.

A historical walk in the 104-year-old Hotel Astoria

[6:00-10:00pm] Hotel Astoria has played an important role at several junctures of Hungarian history, and it boasts a dazzling interior, being the oldest hotel that preserved its original form.  Now you can take a guided walk through its marble walls in at every full hour between 6 and 10pm. Registration is needed at [email protected].

A tour throughout Mai Manó House

[all day from 11:00am to 7:00pm] Discover Budapest’s most famous photography studio house, the 124-year-old Mai Manó House, which today hosts photo exhibitions. The fin-de-siecle architectural masterpiece can now be seen for the first time in its fullest glory, from its cellar to the old darkrooms. Registered needed at [email protected].

Night walk in Matthias Church

Matthias church
Photo: Wikimedia Commons / D4m1en

The iconic landmark of the Castle District opens its gates to visitors at midnight to offer a glimpse of nearly 800 years of history contained within its Gothic walls.


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