We’ve written about the Hungarian baths on several occasions, even mentioned the best baths in Transylvania, so now it’s time to head north and explore the Slovakian world of waters. Slovakia is rich in natural wonders and beautiful sceneries, where you can spend your holiday and incorporate a trip to one of these baths that has collected.


Aquacity lies next to Poprad, close to the High Tatras. The bathing complex is open all year long and awaits you with several different sections, and pools filled with 20-38 degrees Celsius water. The water comes from a subterranean lake, lying 1300 metres below the surface, where the thermal water is crystal clear and is 50 degrees Celsius warm. The water here is excellent for treating musculoskeletal- and respiratory system problems, helps to stabilise blood circulation, and calms nerves. The outdoor thermal pools are open all seasons, where you can rest after a long day of skiing or hiking at one of the bubble baths or massage pools. The bath complex has wellness and spa services too: elegantly lit rooms, saunas, steam baths, tepidariums, water paths with cold and hot water, jacuzzis, massage showers await you, and pools decorated with Swarovski crystals, lit from underneath so that you feel like you are at the most luxurious place.


Spa of Bardejov

This historical bath was established near a medicinal spring, which is rich in 17 minerals. The first written source on the Spa of Bardejov is from 1247, but the construction of actual buildings began only in the 17th century. The bath flourished during the 19th century when popular figures like Alexander I of Russia or Marie Louise, daughter of Emperor Francis II of Austria or even Elisabeth, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary, wife of Emperor Francis I of Austria visited it. One of the statues in front of the Astoria bath house (the most beautiful of all, decorated with Nouveau Art elements), is a memorial of Elisabeth’s visit. The water here is suitable for treating problems related to the digestive system, respiratory system, and for treating psychical and physical exhaustion.


Spa Aphrodite Rajecké Teplice

Situated in a romantic region near the Malá Fatra and the Strážov Mountains, Spa Aphrodite awaits you with especially fresh air, windless days and a range of excellent therapies. The temperature of the thermal water here is 38 degrees Celsius, containing calcium- and magnesium ions. It treats nervous system problems very well and is recommended to drink too. The pearl of the bath complex is the recently renovated Aphrodite bath house, with its elegant roof, decorated with lace pattern. The bath house was built in Antique style, but the services and treatments offered are very much of high standard. They treat rheum, oedemas and dermatological problems. There are also various cosmetic and relaxing treatments.


Aquapark Senec

Senec’s holiday resort is one of the most frequently visited resorts in Slovakia, 25 kilometres away from Bratislava and 50 km from Hegyeshalom (HU). The aqua park in the area is open all year long, equipped with slides, spacious pools and beautiful setting. The park is well suited for summer and winter holidays too, having a pool hall, with a recreational pool, where you can enjoy different features of the services offered. The water’s temperature in the pool staffed with hydro massage jets and bubble bath features is 32 degrees Celsius. The pool is connected to the outdoor bath with a swimming passage. There is also a pool for resting and relaxing, where the water’s temperature is 36 degrees Celsius.


Tatralandia Aquapark

You will find the Tatralandia Aquapark near Liptovský Mikuláš, in the Low Tatras. The region is rich in mineral waters, and the bathing complex is the biggest all-year-open hotel and water entertainment centre of Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland. Since the 2003 opening of the park, newer and newer additions were welcomed each year. Today, it is Central Europe’s biggest water theme park. The water is drawn from a thermal water spring, providing 60 degree Celsius water, arriving from 2500 metres of depth. The water composition is very special here, as it contains remains of the primordial sea. The park consists of 14 (9 are open all year) pools filled either salty-, thermal- or clear water, offering a range of exciting or relaxing activities. The speciality of the place is the ‘White Lagoon’, the water of which is almost identical to that of the Ionian Sea. The ‘Ocean’ is worth mentioning too, with a view of the Tatras, and the scuba diving pool as well. There is a pool recreating the tropic, rain-forest like setting, where you can get tanned even in winter time.


Spa of Sklené Teplice

Sklené Teplice is a village near Banská Štiavnica, the town that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The thermal water in the village is rich in Magnesium and Calcium, which is perfect for treat musculoskeletal and nervous system illnesses, injuries and scars. There are 5 bath houses at the complex, and a wellness and spa section, where you can enjoy saunas, steam baths, inhalation chambers, Kneipp cure and many other services.


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