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If you are familiar with the culinary scene in Budapest, you might have noticed that there are always new restaurants and bars popping up all across Budapest. Funzine.hu has collected some of the best new places to try, so if you happen to be at a crossroads, trying to decide where to go to, this list might be helpful.

Beefbar Budapest

Here: 1013 Budapest, Clark Ádám tér 1.

Who does not love steak? Who would not enjoy a view that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Who would not like to feel like they are in the roaring twenties in a classy restaurant? Well, if you feel like all these descriptions apply to you, then we recommend Beefbar Budapest on the floor level of the freshly opened Hotel Clark. Goulash soup, loin and all other nation’s most special meals are on the menu, although a full-course lunch menu costs around 5500 forints (EUR 17).



Here: 1051 Budapest, Sas utca 25.

We have written previously about the best street food restaurant in Budapest, but A-Pecsenyés specialises in Hungarian cuisine, focusing on meats. You will find different variations of stew, sausages, soups, grilled- and fried meats for a reasonable price. What better way to dive deep into Hungarian culture than visiting the Saint Stephen Basilica and grab a Hungarian bite?


Rocky’s Budapest

Here: 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 52/A

Some people say that Vintage Garden is especially for women with its lovely pastel atmosphere and setting. Well, if there is a café for women, then why should not there be a pub for men? Rocky’s Budapest is just the place for those nights when you are headed out for a ‘boys’ night out’. Funzine describes it as a

man-cave, where sports relics and motivational quotes will help you feel like a champion and unstoppable to start that freelance project you have been meaning to get down to for months now.

There is a wide range of beers, including Hungarian craft beers, with which you can wash down the hamburger specialities.


Holló és Róka

Here: 1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 23.

Holló és Róka (lit. transl. ‘crow and fox’), the Hungarian capital’s first raclette bar, is perfect for cheese lovers, specialising in, well, raclette. You will find this cheese speciality in numerous forms, but the best is the grilled raclette with potatoes, pickling onions, pickles, ham and leavened bread. This place is truly for those looking for a Mediterranean culinary adventure, as Holló és Róka offers an endless range of tapas, BBQ ribs with orange, Mediterranean plate or lobster-tail prepared with garlic. If you wish to continue your journey, you can head back to Hungary with a Hungarian wine, or go further with South-African imported wine.



Here: 1093 Budapest, Lónyay utca 23.

New-wave cafés are becoming more and more popular and abundant in Budapest, the latest addition being Filtery. If you are planning to meet up with a tea-drinker friend and you prefer coffee, we suggest Filtery, as it will satisfy both of you. Regarding tea, they serve green, black, jasmine and osmanthus teas by Ye Tealeaves. In the case that you are still thirsty, you can try the cold-pressed juices.


Matrjoska Kroshka

Here: 1085 Budapest, Baross utca 6.

In some ways, Matrjoska Kroshka is not an entirely new establishment. It used to be a Russian restaurant serving Russian specialities, including meats and alcoholic beverages, that closed down 8 months ago. Now, it has reincarnated as a vegan restaurant at a different location. Since its owner has turned vegan, the restaurant had to go through the similar change. Matrjoska Kroshka will prove you that vegan meals can be just as hearty and tasty as normal ones. Pop by for a round of pasta, soup, vegan burger, unique sweets and wine tastings.



Here: 1077 Budapest, Király utca 39

Apropó has actually opened 2 years ago, but we thought that it could not be missing from the list, as it is a great place to wash down the hearty meals that you have tried elsewhere. Here you will get the chance to try the best and most authentic, albeit less known Hungarian wines. As we have previously written, they serve some delicious and exciting tapas like duck sausage with beetroot. It has a rustic setting, a view of Király street, so you will feel like you are in a classy ruin bar.


featured image: Holló és Róka, facebook

Source: funzine.hu

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