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Coffee is a fuel for our everyday lives. It is refreshing, revitalizing and has a unique taste. There are several ways to consume it: hot, cold, with or without caffeine, with milk or sugar. Here are some of the best cafés in Budapest, according to and Daily News Hungary.

Madal Cafe – Espresso & Brew Bar

Madal Cafe was one of the first new wave coffee bars in 2013, and two new shops were opened since then. You may try their special and delicious coffees in Alkotmány Street, Hollár Ernő Street and at Ferenciek Square. Their coffees can be taken away or ordered without anything.


Kotyogó offers multiple services in one place: brunch, Babychino, and also a massage saloon operate in the café in Szent István Avenue. Though the unit is situated in a loud and crowded street, the café itself is a calm and relaxing place to drink a cup of your favorite coffees.

New York Cafe

“There is no literature without cafes,” as Hungarian author Sándor Márai wrote. One of Budapest’s most fancy cafes has a history of more than 120 years, mixing the styles of the past century and the modern times. “The World’s Most Beautiful Cafe” aims to renew Hungarian gastronomy, so besides the excellent coffees, customers might taste the newest inventions of the Hungarian cuisine.

Typo Bar

Typo has multiple faces: it is a breakfast place in the morning, a bistro during midday, a bar during the night. A vintage clothing shop and some seasonal exhibitions can also be found there. No matter what part of the day it is, you can always drink a good coffee on the splendid terrace of Typo.

Cafe Frei Budapest

This chain of cafes, which has several units throughout the country from Debrecen to Pécs, was founded by Hungarian world traveler and reporter Tamás Frei. Cafe Frei has its own coffee roaster facility in Széchény, which provides the chain’s member cafes exclusively with their unique coffee specialties in both Hungary and abroad.

My Little Melbourne Coffee

My Little Melbourne’s cafés have done the glorious deed of importing filtered coffee to Hungary. They have units on Madách Square and in the outer city. In the middle of each a special event, the so-called cupping is hosted, during which all the coffees can be tried. Besides coffee, the shops provide teas, chai lattes, juices, fizzy drinks, sandwiches, bakery products and Anjuna Pops cakes.

Műhely Egyetem Cafe

Műhely Café is situated in the campus of Eötvös Lóránt Faculty of Humanities. It functions as a gathering place for university students with its comfortable sofas and dim lights. The prices are constantly kept low in order to fit to the students’ finances, but it does not affect quality. Sandwiches, biscuits, soups and main dishes can be ordered with their especially tasty coffee.

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