believes that it might seem like books have vanished from our lives nowadays, and that people are not able to take in content beyond superquick browsing anymore. But the resistance is quite strong in Budapest with places where you can sacrifice at the altar of literature with caffeine or a rosé spritzer (fröccs).

Magvető Café

The Magvető Publisher opened its café at Dohány Street 13, the place of the onetime alternative theatre, Hátsó Kapu. With the lead of popular contemporary writer Krisztián Nyári, Magvető Café is the home of book premieres and lectures. It’s a curiosity that any writer and poet, who is part of a literary organisation, is able to pay with a poem or a short prose for one coffee a day. The manuscripts received this way will be sold at an auction once every year with charity purposes. The creation of the inner space is reminiscent of Katona József Theatre’s hall. It is simple and clear-out, and looks more like a creative workshop than an elegant salon. It’s also perfect for spotting writers and poets 🙂



It is the citadel of Polish literature, art and gastronomy on the Buda side of the city. Besides the old and new Polish books and newspapers, you can also ask for delicious coffee, marinated herring, pirozhki, beetroot soup and other specialities. Their bilingual Facebook page and retro photo collection are genial.


Hadik Café

The iconic café of the 20th century found in Buda was the gathering place of famous Hungarian writers like Karinthy, Kosztolányi and Déry. It was originally opened in 1911 and reconstructed a few years ago, so that it can now welcome guests with its full glory and a big terrace. The café is the home of jazz evenings and literature salons, and their Czech beers and literary cocktails are simply unbeatable.


The place found at Bartók Béla Road is the home of cultural, art and scientific lectures, and a super La Marzocco coffee machine. This mini library is perfect for work, lunch, snacking on a catfish paste-coriander pesto sandwich and drinking a mug of Czech beer with your friends in the evening.


Massolit Books & Café

Besides the divine cakes, they offer the best of English literature, which you can even buy. Entering the teal door of the café, you slowly reach a secret backyard, which is the perfect working, studying, dating location for spring. You will even forget that you’re in the city centre and Nagydiófa Street.


+ Book Bar & Restaurant

A place where literature is literary served on a plate. Besides the á la carte menu, the bar creates different meals based on bestsellers every week. The chefs have already been inspired by Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, Harry Potter and even Agatha Christie’s favourite Belgian detective, Poirot.


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