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For those wishing to step on a higher level in gastronomy, collected 8 stores in Budapest, where you can go on a cuisine adventure without buying tickets to another continent. This article will help you arrive prepared to these stores, so you will not embarrass yourself by asking for ten dekagrams of ‘prosciutto ham’ (prosciutto means ham in Italian).

Asian taste, Korean and Japanese food store and food bar

If you are helplessly devoted to Eastern flavours, you are in luck, because Budapest offers numerous possibilities to indulge in Eastern gastronomy. In order to make your favourite dishes at home, you can acquire ingredients from one of the two best stores: the one in Szépvölgyi út 2./b., or from Ázsia Bt. store on Fővám tér. In both shops you can find seasonings, sauces, pasta and countless local goods.

Address: II., Szépvölgyi út 2./b., IX., Vámház krt. 5.

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Arbat Delikátesz

In Arbat (in Retek utca) you can find the only rival of Túró Rudi, the famous Hungarian dessert made of cottage cheese and chocolate. The feather-weight dessert made of cottage cheese and covered with chocolate may be even better than the Hungarian one. But this is just a subsidiary curiosity which makes the place famous among gourmets. All kinds of goods can be bought here, starting from caviar of the size of a pearl to smoked salmon and caramel cream.

Address: II. Retek utca 8.

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Tej Pékáru Kávé Tea Grocery

Meaning Milk pastry coffee tea grocery. Although the iron Curtain has fallen, American sweets and trash foods which are hard to acquire in Hungary still have a large base of buyers. In the Damjanich utca Grocery you can buy

limited series M&M’s, Snickers, Dr Pepper, Doritos, and many more kinds of goods and are hard to find in Hungarian shops.

So, luckily, the Iron Curtain is long gone, and here you can buy all the things you would stuff your bag with on a trip overseas.

Address: VII., Damjanich utca 26./b

The British store

Missing the afternoon tea, butter biscuit, British cider and Cadbury’s? British store offers a wide range of British epicureanism, starting from oat cookies and ginger beer to the limited editions of your favourite snacks. Although you can find many of these sweets on other shops’ shelves too, here you have a much bigger choice and a wider range of tastes.

Address: XIII., Tátra utca 26.


Turul – Turkish butcher and food store

Here you can find

everything you need for a good kebab of an astonishingly delicious baklava… and more!

Besides basic Turkish foods you can buy veal of great quality, which is the perfect starting material for your Turkish meals. Besides our favourite sweets, such as pistachio halva or walnut sausage, you can acquire exciting ingredients such as rose water, pomegranate syrup, or cumin oil.

Address: VIII., Baross utca 109.

Syrian grocery store

After you have tried all Italian and French recipes, and you make a silk sauce that would impress Julia Child as well, it is time for the next challenge: gastronomy of the Middle East. Luckily, the more and more popular food of the Middle East is not impossible to access for those willing to experiment. In this store in Buda there are cold cuts, seasonings, measured veal, labane yoghurt or zatar and many more special goods.

Address: XI., Karinthy Frigyes út 27.

Exotic India – Szép kis India

If you look for ingredients for a good biryani, go to this store, and you will find many more specialities. The main profile of the store is Indian food, there are Cuban, African, Indonesian and Philippine food as well. Not only food, but decorations, dresses, authentic objects are sold here too. Everything in one place for a thematic night.

Address: VII., Wesselényi utca 36.

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Fény utcai market, Italia Zamata – Italian food

The most beautiful hiding place of the market in Fény utca is an Italian delicate shop, ath the very back of the market, beside the stairs (second floor), which sounds just like it just stepped out of a fairy tale. Here you can find mozzarella di buffala (buffalo mozzarella), homemade pesto with truffles, and variations of tomato for any occasion. Their ham counter can be found one storey down, to make your antipasti tastier.

Address: II., Lövőház utca 12.

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