According to turizmusonline.hu, Condé Nast Traveler magazine creates a poll every year, asking their readers about their favourite places around the world.

It is not a surprise that this year Condé Nast Traveler magazine asked its readers again to vote for their favourite cities. On the list of 40 cities,

Budapest ranks the honourable 11th place,

outplacing cities like Prague, Venice, and London.

The Austrian capital, Vienna won the first place in the regional contest. It ended up in the 2nd  place in the overall list.

In Budapest, voters highlighted the thermal baths, architecture, and the goulash soup, their favourite national dish.

The article highlights that thanks to its Art Nouveau architecture, Budapest is outstanding in Europe, it’s picturesque from any point of view. Its thermal baths were built in the 16-17th centuries. The New York kávéház is one of the best coffee places. A night’s walk on the Chain Bridge is recommended, as it is an unforgettable sight. And the three-level Central Market is an ideal place for trying the famous goulash.

According to the list, the best city is Tokyo, followed by Vienna, and another Japanese city, Kyoto in the third place. The fourth is Barcelona, but Paris, Sydney, Madrid, Vancouver, Rome and Munich also made the top 10.

Source: turizmusonline.hu

  1. What a silly ranking. Budapest is full of filth and homeless people (everywhere!!!). It has beautiful architecture but overall it’s the dirtiest city in Europe (and I travel a lot). Vienna is stunning but what about Innsbruck or Linz? What about cities such as Tallinn (Estonia) or Wrocław (Poland)? Believe me that they’re much more interesting than these places on the list.

  2. Homeless, beggars, trash everywhere, filthy streets & sidewalks.

  3. Yes, Budapest has some very minor issues but overall, it’s a fantastic city to visit and/or live as I have done. Coming from the USA earlier this year, I have found beautiful sites to see and visit and have settled in to enjoy a much more relaxed and less stressful way of life on my retirement.
    Much to appreciate with their firm ZERO TOLERANCE on DWI/DRUGS and the laws prohibiting the carrying of guns by anyone other than the police. The USA could learn a lot more from European way of life!
    Hungaries very firm stand on the control of emigrants/refugees is a big plus to reside here.
    It’s easy to criticize a location but don’t try and rain on other peoples parade!

  4. For a tourist from abroad it always is a great pleasure to visit Hungary and its capital Budapest. (It used to be Bratislava in the old days) Lots of things have been cleaned during the recent 20 years and one can’t change everything overnight. Homeless, beggars and criminals can be found in any other country as well. But there is a great difference with (in my case) Holland. Hungarian police undertakes action when needed and people feel safe in the streets. It is due to the people when they make streets, parks and squares dirty with their trash. If these people start to behave themselves it certainly will help a lot. But after visiting more than 40 years Budapest I can tell that the city is beautiful and its people are nice. That is the reason that year after year the number of tourist is growing. I like Budapest, I like the Hungarian people and their way of live!

  5. Budapest has the capacity to become a top class city but it has two sides, one for the tourists all very pristine, and one for the locals. I live in the 13th district of Budapest and have to agree that it is very dirty and run down. Trash and weeds everywhere. The only nice street in the 13th is Pozsonyi utca, the others are neglected. What breaks my heart is the fact that some of the superb architecture, built by very famous architects, is crumbling through lack of funds and maybe lack of enthusiasm. So it is fine to see new buildings going up but what about the stuff that exists already ? Maybe Mr. Soros could put a hand in his pocket since I believe he is a child of the 13th district.

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