Budapest, December 17 (MTI) – Women living in western Hungary and in cities have longer life expectancy than others, with Budapest females born last year expected to live until the age of 81, daily Magyar Idok said on Thursday citing data from the Central Statistical Office.

An average Hungarian born last year can expect to live 75.6 years, four years more than those born in 2001 and six years more than those born in 1990. Hungary has not been able to catch up with western countries in terms of life expectancy. Austrians born in 2010 have seven years longer life expectancy in the case of women and five years in the case of men than Hungarians, unchanged from the differences measured twenty years earlier.

The life expectancy for Budapest males born last year is 74 years.

Men born in Hungarian cities have almost two years longer life expectancy than those born in villages and female city-dwellers have six months longer life expectancy.

Lajos Balint of the demographics research institute said the figures reflect differences in social status, schooling and access to work.


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