Usually, spring and autumn are the official hiking seasons, but you do not necessarily have to give this activity up during the colder months. There are many places in Hungary which are especially beautiful during winter time. NLCafe assembled a list about the places that you should definitely see in their winter glory.

There are fun activities and sports you can only enjoy in winter such as ice-skating, sleighing or skiing. You can do all of those things at the following places.

1. Magas-hegy

Magas-hegy is a mountain peak near Sátoraljaújhely in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, Hungary. It is part of the Zemplén Mountains. Magas-hegy is a winter wonderland according to NLCafe. You can find many tracks to sleigh, ski or try out bobsleighing. There is also an ice-skating rank. If you prefer a peaceful hike instead, you can do that as well. The mountain has many hiking trails and the view from the top is also beautiful.

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2. Visegrád

The city of Visegrád offers the opportunity to try bobsleighing all year round, the city has a winter and a summer bob track. While you are sleighing down the track, there is a beautiful view to the Citadel. Here, you can find a detailed list about all the reasons why you should definitely visit Visegrád.

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3. Lake Velence

Lake Velence is the third largest lake in Hungary. The lake turns into a natural ice-skating rank during winter, to the satisfaction of many skate enthusiasts. Lake Velence is quite a romantic winter destination, even if you do not skate, a long walk along the lake could be really refreshing.

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4. Kékestető

Kékes is Hungary’s highest mountain which lies 12 kilometres northeast of Gyöngyös, in the Mátra range of Heves county. It is Hungary’s third most popular tourist attraction, after Lake Balaton and the Danube, and has a number of hotels and skiing pistes. Kékes is the No. 1 skiing destination in Hungary. Not to mention that Kékestető TV tower offers a spectacular view of the winter scenery.

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5. Dobogókő

Dobogókő is the highest point in the Visegrád Hills (700 meter). Dobogókő is part of Pilisszentkereszt village, Hungary. Dobogókő is the most popular hiking destination in Pilis. We can be amazed by the beautiful winter scenery and recharge ourselves in one the many hiking trails.

6. Börzsöny

Börzsöny is the Westernmost member of the North Hungarian Mountains. Large part of Börzsöny is a national park. Nagy-Hideg-hegy is Börzsöny’s third highest peak which is a very popular hiking destination. Csóványos (one of Börzsöny’s highest peaks) offers a beautiful view of the Danube Bend.

7. Normafa

You do not necessarily have to travel far from the capital to see some beautiful winter sceneries. Normafa is a famous spot in the Buda hills which is well-known for its panoramic scenery and fresh air. It is located on Svábhegy and, it is close to Jánoshegy, Budapest’s highest point.

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8. Lillafüred

Lillafüred is a beautiful Hungarian city which is worth visiting in every month of the year, because it always has something to offer. Lillafüred is located in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, in the Bükk Mountains. The caves in Lillafüred can be visited in winter too, and the Lillafüred Waterfall is just as breath-taking when it is frozen as it is in other seasons.

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