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There are many beautiful places to visit in Hungary this time of the year. recommends a trip to Visegrád in the Danube Bend. Visegrád is indeed a place that is worth a visit for many reasons other than the fact that it is very close to Budapest. Let’s see what the town has to offer. 

Castle town

Visegrád is a small town in Pest county, Hungary. It is located on the right bank of the Danube, 30 km from Budapest. It is called a castle town because of the city’s main attractions. One of them is The Royal Palace, the remains of the famous Early Renaissance summer palace of King Matthias I. Another famous attraction is the mediaeval Citadel (Upper Castle) and the Lower Castle which together make up the double castle system of Visegrád Castle. The Citadel is called Fellegvár in Hungarian which literally means castle among the clouds.

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The famous view

Visegrád is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in Hungary with a breath-taking view of the Danube Bend. If you visit Visegrád, the view of the Danube Bend is something you simply cannot miss. At the highest point of Visegrád (377 m) there is the Zsitvay viewpoint which offers a spectacular view.

Hiking and other adventures

Visegrád is an ideal place for nature lovers too. The natural landscape of Visegrád is really nice, making it more than ideal for hiking trips.

Are you looking for some excitement? Visegrád also has both a summer and a winter bobsled, and there is also an adventure park called Canopy Fun Extreme, that offers excitement five stories above ground.

Once you have already visited every famous sight in Visegrád, it might be a good idea to go and visit another famous Hungarian city which is very near: the city of Esztergom. Esztergom Basilica was tourists’ third favourite religious place to visit in Hungary, according to TripAdvisor.

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How can you get to Visegrád?

There are various possible ways of traveling to Visegrád from Budapest. One can travel by train then hop on a ferry and cross the Danube to get to the city, or there are buses going directly to Visegrád from Árpád Bridge (takes about 80 minutes to get there by bus). A slightly longer, but definitely way more exciting way to get to Visegrád is by ship (3 hours and 15 minutes). The journey takes only 55 minutes by hydrofoil. Of course one can always choose to be comfortable and travel by car as the city is only 44 km from Budapest (main road 11).

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