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The new manager of the Budapest Festival Tourism Center (BFTK), Csaba Faix, revealed what can be expected regarding the new Budapest brand.

Among others, this company organises the Budapest Spring Festival, Café Budapest Contemporary Art Festival, Christmas and Easter fairs at Vörösmarty Square; while the planned closure of the Danube quay in the summer also belongs to BFTK. The new director has been interviewed by the Hungarian news portal Index about the scheduled rebranding.

Danube quay

The quay should become an open space for the public where people go out in their free time. Therefore, no plage, palm trees, or festival stalls will be set up there –

we would like to show that the Danube embankment can also be used for such relaxing activities as walking or drinking a soda in the summer. Entrance will be free of charge!

The opening of Liberty Bridge last summer is a perfect example of how this temporary opening can be realised. Similarly to those programs such as yoga or spinning, sports facilities will be created at the Parliament; however, we must pay attention to the dignity of the area as well. Presumably, this year’s opening of Danube quay will replace last years’ Picnics on Liberty Bridge.

Touristic image

Budapest is mainly considered to be a “party capital”, as this is the most significant point of the city’s tourism. Also, this is the primary source of conflicts among residents and tourists. Then, what about creating a new image of Budapest? Definitely, this is the most visible part of Budapest’s tourism, centralised in the city centre. However, the picture is deceiving as cultural tourism and conference tourism are also very important, and these trends should be enhanced in the future since much fewer people are disturbed. It is important to mention that everything can be realised gradually, step by step; we would like to set such goals that can be accomplished. 

The structure of Budapest’s tourism can be modified. A noticeable shift can be experienced towards higher quality in the case of hotels and the increasing number of Michelin-starred restaurants in the city, cultural events and the visited places. 

A tourist agency in the capital can help to make this more visible, drawing the attention of foreigners by different movies, advertising campaigns about the city. In order to realise this common goal, we would like to collaborate with the Hungarian Tourism Agency. However, party tourism is still an important phenomenon in the Hungarian capital.

Future of the party district

What about 7th district’s new management plans to regulate opening hours in the party district? According to Csaba Faix, these conditions will be realised reasonably – the central places will remain open after midnight, but will operate in a more civilised way, without disturbing the locals. He thinks this is the right solution, by which the city’s tourism will not drop either.

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Csaba Faix also revealed that the company employs highly committed professional people, coming from large multi-companies or start-ups. Building a city brand is a great opportunity.

In the case of Budapest, we are talking about a magnificent city full of energy and potentials – that will be reflected in the new brand as well, that is for sure!


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