Mundo centre

The so-called Mundo project is finally about to start in Budapest’s 14th District, Zugló. Mundo will be a multi-functional shopping and entertainment centre. The project belongs to the collaboration of Echo Investment and Bánáti+Hartvig Architect Studio. Construction starts in the upcoming months, and it is planned to be finished by 2020.

According to Építészfó, the two companies started to work on the shared project over ten years ago, back in 2007. Due to the constant changes in the district’s infrastructural plans, the project was always changed and postponed. Last year, there were also rumours that construction will start, which eventually never happened. However, Építészfórum believes that 2019 is finally the year the Mundo project launches at last.

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The area where the mall will be located is in Budapest’s greenest district, Zugló. The area is bordered by Csömöri Road, Rákospatak Street and Bosnyák Street.

Besides the centre itself, the project also includes a huge office building and a park. The property development project aims to build a very modern, multi-functional mall which will combine the retail, entertainment and service industries. It will be built on a 35,000m2 land. According to the plans, the centre will include 170 shops plus a huge P + R car park. The building will be energy-efficient, with a small ecological footprint, “dressed in green to reflect Zugló’s garden suburb-nature”.

Mundo center

According to Lajos Hartvig, the architect of the building:

“ Some substantial benefits include revitalizing the untended, neglected waste by creating a real twenty-first century, up-to-date, efficiently constructed building that the investor may run with satisfaction and while the people of Zugló and the wider surroundings may occupy joyfully.”

He also claims that the construction will help to boost the district architecturally, culturally and economically.

Mundo center

The area is already surrounded by the district’s most beloved places such as the Bosnyák Market, the Szent Antal Church, a newly constructed City Hall and the Culture and Sports Centre.

Investment director of Echo Investment Belka Piotr said that they are glad that construction will finally start on the Mundo land, and they have faith that additional partners will be brought in to help the project further in the future.

For more information about the project, please visit its official website.

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