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The internet offers hundreds of articles about the top sights to visit or top things to do when one decides to explore a particular place in the world. Such a list was made on but with an interesting twist. The site composed a list of the most popular sights in Hungary based on tourists’ reviews on TripAdvisor. Here is a list of tourists’ favourite places in Budapest based on the aforementioned list.


The three most popular sights to visit were the Parliament of Budapest, the Fisherman’s Bastion and St. Stephen’s Basilica.

The Building of the Parliament is the absolute favourite.

Parliament of Budapest

Tourists said that a walk beside the beautiful Parliament Building is a great leisure activity, and the view from the Fisherman’s Bastion is extraordinary, making the bastion an ideal place for a date. Walking around Gozsdu Courtyard in downtown Budapest or visiting the Zoo and Botanical Garden of Budapest also seemed to be quite popular activities among tourists. The Zoo is one of the most ideal places to visit with children.

Speaking of outdoor activities, the Garden of Philosophy was also popular among TripAdvisor users. The garden is located on Gellért Hill, and just the walk up to the garden is quite refreshing. It is worth mentioning that the Liberty Statue can also be found on Gellért Hill, and it might be a good idea to make an all-day trip and visit both of the gorgeous sights on the hill. The way up might seem physically challenging, but the beautiful view from the top of the hill is more than worth it.


Anyone who has ever been on a school trip to a foreign city knows that museums are essential parts of visiting new places. Besides the Hungarian National Gallery, tourists seemed to really enjoy the Budapest Pinball Museum, which is a museum of all kinds of slot machines from the period between the 19th century and today. The Hungarian State Opera, Budapest Operetta and Musical Theatre and Müpa Budapest were the favourites of theatre-goers.

Hungarian State Opera. Photo:


Hungary is famous for its beautiful historical castles. Within Budapest, people’s favourites on Tripadvisor were the Buda Castle and the Vajdahunyad Castle. There is something special in simply looking at a monumental piece of architecture and just admiring it for a few minutes. The surroundings of Vajdahunyad castle are also ideal for long afternoon walks.

Vajdahunyad Castle, photo: Daily News Hungary

Last but not least, TripAdvisor users were appreciative of the Shoes on the Danube Bank, a special memorial in Budapest. The shoes were created in honour of the people who were shot into the Danube during World War II. This is the number one memorial tourist recommend visiting in Hungary.

These were the 14 most popular sights in Budapest according to tourists’ reviews on Tripadvisor. These are definitely worth a visit, but naturally many more exciting sights can be found in the capital of Hungary. Check out what the British Daily Express highlights as the must-visit places in Budapest.

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