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Summer is here, the sun is shining and you may be in search of a summer holiday destination. You do not have to look any further, though. This list of eight new food places compiled by, along with some of the best cafés in the world, will show you what a great choice visiting Budapest is.

1. Double Shot

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This partisan café is the second by the chain in Budapest. The new location is in the centre of the city and really easy to get to. Their exotic menu offers specialities such as matcha latte or a blue smurf containing alga, coconut milk and some ginger powder. The café combines unique tastes and high quality, so having a good time is guaranteed.

2. Vegan Garden

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Budapest’s Vegan Garden is the first ever street food garden in the world. The place functions as a hamburger place, a vegan pub, an ice cream stand, a pizza place and a confectionary all at the same time, offering a variety of healthy food options as well as some true Mexican tastes. The place holds markets, workshops and a number of vegan events every weekend, but curious meat-lovers are welcome as well. Protecting the environment and helping charities is an important goal of this eatery, so you can go here guilt-free every day between 11 am and 11 pm.

3. 827 Kitchen

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This new addition to the 827 Kitchen branch is inspired by the Indian spiritual leader, Sri Chinmoy, at least in terms of décor. However, instead of meditation, inner peace is reached here through eating good quality, healthy food. The buffet-style restaurant offers tasty Hungarian foods as well as vegan meals, like strawberry cheesecakes or vegan burgers.

4. Monsoon Coffee and Bakery Shop

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This simple, rustic café can be found on the Buda side of the city. The décor was inspired by Malaysian rainforests and the many plants give back that feeling perfectly. Their menu includes fresh pastries with numerous gluten-free options as well, along with freshly squeezed fruit juices, tasty sandwiches and hand-made ice creams. Their speciality, the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, is definitely worth trying out.


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BÉLA is a very new addition to the gastronomic scene of the city. The name is pretty catchy, as it is a Hungarian male name but the letters also stand for the Hungarian equivalents of bar, restaurant, apartment and arboretum, revealing the variety of things this place has to offer. The room is very homey, despite the rather eccentric décor. The numerous plants also create the feeling of dining in a jungle, which further adds to the unique atmosphere, not to mention the varied list of drinks and foods that are on offer here and served by lovely, enthusiastic employees.

6. Traveler’s Bistro

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This bistro is the perfect place for a fun night out. Seven unique burger types have been created for the place. You can opt for the Hungarian retro-style burger with pickles, the BBQ-style with bacon and onions, the classic burger with cheddar cheese, the vegetarian burger with cheese in batter, the fitness-style on a plate of salad, the Italian burger with mozzarella and pesto and even an Asian version with hot Sriracha sauce. Apart from cool beers and the delicious burgers, you can enjoy yourself during karaoke night, play beer bong or organise a board game night with friends.

7. Ngon Street Food

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The Vietnamese word that gave the name of this restaurant translates as ‘tasty, delicious’. True to its name, simple but great Vietnamese and Thai options are on offer here in the Chinese quarter of Budapest. The delicious pad thai with its exotic spices or a bowl of pho are both great choices and are prepared from fresh Thai ingredients. A calm, cool atmosphere with polite staff and a great décor complete the image of the place.

8. Golden Dachshund Bistro (Arany Tacskó Bistro)

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This restaurant is a bit further out of the centre but is definitely worth checking out. The atmosphere and retro style of the place can remind you of your childhood and your grandmother’s food, and the tastes and portions will not disappoint, either. The ambience of the place is topped off with pictures of da Vinci and Jesus, giving it a ruin bar sort of vibe. A variety of foods is offered, including rich soups and tasty schnitzels that will fill your stomach as well as your heart, they are so good. An additional perk: everybody who arrives with their dachshund will get a discount.

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